Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 441

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 441-Submission As Sierra spoke those words, a sense of pride welled up in her heart.

Once again, Blanche widened her beautiful eyes, gazing at Emrys. She felt her breath becoming somewhat rapid as she asked, “Are you truly Friar Athos’ mentee? Are you really the fortunate chance for our family?” Emrys, with a darkened face, replied, “Enough… That’s sufficient. Stop incessantly mentioning a stroke of luck.” It was evident that Emrys wasn’t denying it.

Excitement flashed in Blanche’s beautiful eyes as she exclaimed, “Mr. Lund, you are an expert. Could you please save my grandfather’s life, considering the friendship between me and Sierra?” “I am not an expert. I am merely shamelessly eccentric,” Emrys said with considerable arrogance. Everyone gets angry, okay? Hmph!

With a bitter smile, Blanche suddenly bent her knees, her delicate body kneeling before Emrys. She said, “Mr. Lund, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have scolded you like that earlier. I hope you can forgive me.” “Don’t say that. You’re a girl. How could a girl possibly admit she’s wrong? You must be saying this against your will. Also, you’re right. I am indeed shamelessly eccentric.” “Mr. Lund, I’m not being insincere. I genuinely apologize to you.

Look, I’ve even knelt down.” “No. You are feigning sincerity.” Suddenly, Blanche didn’t know how to respond. Who said that only girls are unreasonable? This man before me is far from reasonable, throwing tantrums that could outdo any woman’s.

Blanche knelt in submission.

In the end, even Sierra couldn’t bear it any longer. She glared at Emrys and said, “Enough is enough, Rys. Blanche is my friend. Don’t push your luck!” “Blanche, get up quickly. Stop kneeling. This guy isn’t one to get angry so easily.

He’s clearly just messing with you!” Sierra urged.

Sierra was about to help Blanche up when Blanche firmly insisted, “No. If Mr. Lund does not agree to save my grandfather, I will remain kneeling here.” “Rys!” Seeing that she couldn’t help Blanche up, Sierra could only glare at Emrys again, clenching her fists and grinding her teeth. She looked as if she was ready to give him a taste of what it was like to be beaten up by a girl if he dared to mess with Blanche again.

Emrys could no longer keep up the pretense. He forced a wry smile and said, “Ha! Sierra is truly impressive, seeing right through my feigned anger. Ms.

Langford, please stand up. It’s not right for you to kneel before me like this.” With joy, Blanché said, “Are you saying you’re willing to help save Submission 8.66%

my grandfather?” Emrys laughed meaningfully and said, “You’ve shown me your sincerity so genuinely. Wouldn’t I be too heartless if I didn’t agree?” My sincerity? Blanche seemed lost in thought. She lowered her head to look at her chest, and she couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise.

Although there were a few minor misunderstandings, the outcome was positive.

The despondent mood of Blanche was swept away in an instant.

After Sierra had changed out of her gown, the three of them left the film crew together.

Sierra was wearing a sun hat and a mask.

She wasn’t doing that to evade the paparazzi. Instead, she wanted to avoid attracting a crowd of onlookers.

As for Emrys and Blanche, passersby didn’t know them at all, so there was no need for them to hide or disguise themselves.

Shortly after they left, Emrys chuckled lightly and said, “Another foolish one has followed us.” Sierra calmly remarked, “Isn’t this the most ordinary thing? Those paparazzi earn their living from this.” She had long grown accustomed to it.

However, a mischievous sparkle gleamed in Sierra’s beautiful eyes immediately after as she added, “Well, acting was initially just a pastime for me. Who would have imagined that I would accidentally become famous? With fame comes trouble.” Emrys looked at her in surprise. When had Sierra started to humblebrag?

Soon, he grasped Sierra’s intention.

After Sierra finished speaking, her figure suddenly flickered, swapping places with Blanche. She playfully nudged Blanche, saying, “The challenge of being a celebrity is that you can’t casually stroll around with men. It’s too easy for the media outlets to create a story out of it.”

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