Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 434

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 434-A Beauty A portion of her smooth, rounded thigh was exposed to the air.

Above her thighs, she wore a pair of cuffed denim shorts. The hem of her black undershirt was tu into the shorts, accentuating the soft curves of her slender waist.

The woman was quite attractive, with an oval face, arched eyebrows, and a prominent nose. Her features had a striking three-dimensional quality. Overall, she was almost a perfect-looking woman.

Such a woman, if seen on the streets, would be impossible to ignore.

However, in Emrys heart, no one could ever surpass Caylie and the others, Even if a fairy descended from the heavens, in Emrys heart, it would be nothing extraordinary. This was because Cayle and the others, each one incomparably beautiful, were like fairies in Emrys’ eyes.

Even the most ordinary beauty, no matter how pleasing to the eye, was inferior.

Essentially. Emrys valued the girls the most.

This beautiful woman who suddenly appeared was unknown to Emrys.

However, it wasn’t surprising. Yet, within this lack of surprise, there was a hint of a minor unexpected twist.

It wasn’t surprising because during the time Emrys was visiting the film crew, women would. occasionally approach him, all of them quite attractive. They sought out Emrys out of respect for Sierra In other words, it was all for the sake of gaining future fame.

Emrys had already grown accustomed to it, so he didn’t feel surprised.

However, it was still slightly surprising because those women from the past would always seek out Emrys when Sierra was filming. After all, trying to seduce him in front of Sierra, they couldn’t act freely.

Ar this moment, the stunning beauty with long legs appeared before his eyes.

While Sierra was sitting next to Emrys, she dared to strike up a conversation with him. Emrys greatly admired her courage.

And so, Emrys decided to hold her in high regard.

Hence, he proceeded to gaze intently at the woman’s lower body.

towever just as Eintys gaze had lifted slightly from those long legs, Sterra at his side suddenly stood up with joy and exdamed “Blanche, what brings you to Jazona “Amalia told me that you’ve recently taken a younger man under your wing so I came to see the tall braunted woman said with a stude Upon hearing dus conversation Emrys mitantly felately awkward ater was bovn vn care te would friend not like those have inoked at her with such ich before stoteen Had be volbus eves, iweke state.

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