Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 427

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 427-Luciana And Zoran In Panic “What’s happening?” Zoran’s mind was completely blank.

He had clearly seen Emrys leave the room, so logically, the woman sleeping on the bed should be Sierra.

Even if it wasn’t Sierra, it couldn’t have been Luciana Luciana and Sierra were arch-enemies.

Considering Emrys’ close relationship with Sierra, it was absolutely impossible for Luciana to be alone in a room with Emrys.

Zoran was truly bewildered.


The camera fell to the ground.

In that peaceful environment, the sound was incredibly jarring.

It not only startled Zoran but also woke up Luciana, who was sound asleep on the bed. She jolted awake and upon seeing a person standing before her, she immediately screamed, “Who are you?” When she recognized the person in front of her as her subordinate, Zoran, she scowled. “What are you doing sneaking into my room?” “My room?” Zoran was puzzled.

Before Zoran had a chance to explain, Luciana roared, “You d’mn bastard, how dare indecent advances towards me! Are you tired of living?” you make Clearly, Luciana had realized that she was wearing nothing at all.

Subconsciously, she assumed it was Zoran’s doing.

Zoran was merely the leader of a paparazzi team, while she was a superstar.

From her perspective, Zoran was trying to pursue someone who was out of his league.

Luciana was incredibly fierce. Without bothering to put on her clothes, she leaped straight from her bed and rushed towards Zoran, grappling with him.

After all, Luciana was once a star who enjoyed extreme popularity. Naturally, her figure was flawless; otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to please that member of the Santana family. When she rushed over like that, it created a strong visual impact.

However, Zoran showed no interest whatsoever.

When he had first entered the room, the feeling of being overwhelmed, as if he were stepping into Sierra’s shoes, had faded away amidst the recent shock.

Zoran didn’t dare to light back. He could only desperately explain, “Ms. Lane, please calm down. This is misunderstanding I thought you were Sierra. That’s why I came in to secretly take pictures..

1/2 “I’m Sierra? You blind bastard, you actually mistook me for Sierra!” Luciana was already angry, but at that moment, to her disbelief, Zoran even dared to mention Sierra’s name in front of her.

That instantly fueled her anger even more, causing it to surge like a roaring fire.

She lashed out at Zoran, her sharp nails raking across his face, leaving more than a dozen scratch marks.

After taking a beating. Zoran was filled with rage. He bellowed. “Take a good look around know where you are?” That loud roar left Luciana stunned.

Zoran continued to roar loudly. It must be that punk’s doing. We’ve all been deceived by the brat who’s always by Sierra’s side!” By that point, he had regained his senses and realized it was undoubtedly another one of Emrys schemes.

Just like earlier, when his subordinates went to track Emrys, they all ended up being arrested by the police under the pretext of solicitation, one by one.

Emrys was extremely enigmatic, undoubtedly possessing some method to manipulate people. That was how Zoran perceived Emrys.

Regaining some of her senses, Luciana looked around. As expected, the environment was unfamiliar, completely different from her own place.

Zoran continued, “This is a hotel. You were brought here by that young man. I saw him leave here with my own eyes just a while ago, which is why I mistook you for Sierra. Think carefully. How did you end up here?” “How did I end up here… The expression in Luciana’s eyes clearly revealed her confusion.

There was a gap in Luciana’s memory.

She had no recollection of how she had arrived at the hotel.

With even more certainty, Zoran stated, “Ms. Lane, I warned you long ago that the young man is extremely peculiar. However, you simply refused to believe me. Now, do you believe me?” As Zoran’s subordinates were gradually being sent to jail one by one, he realized that Emrys was no ordinary man, and it was best not to provoke him.

Zoran immediately conveyed the news to Luciana.

However, Luriana simply didn’t believe it.

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