Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 425

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 425-Siding With Emrys Dexter finally understood why Emrys was able to track him through the internet.

Once he realized that Emrys was indeed the Empyrean Lord, everything became much easier to comprehend, “Now that you’ve discovered my identity. I assume you know what to do next, right?

the Celestial Token, speaking calmly.

“Yes!” Dexter nodded emphatically,

One was from the esteemed Santana family of Jipsdale, the other was the Empyrean Lord. closed eyes, one would know which to choose, Lately. Zoran had been on the verge of frustration.

Ever since he started working for Luciana, his primary task had been to keep a close eye on Sierra. trying every possible method to uncover any scandal related to her.

Wherever Sierra went to film, Zoran and his subordinates would follow.

However, after all that time, there was no progress at all.

Then, suddenly, a mysterious young man appeared beside Sierra. Zoran thought it was an opportunity. but he didn’t expect all the subordinates he sent to track the mysterious young man to eventually emerge from the police station.

Luciana was quite unhappy on her end, Naturally, Zoran’s mood had also plummeted to its worst.

Seated on the couch, he chain-smoked one cigarette after another.

On the television set in front of them, a movie starring Tom, New Cop Chronicle, was playing. It had reached the final part where Tom delivered his iconic line.

“Give it up, Zoran…” Zoran was distracted, particularly irritated when he heard those words.

Consequently, he turned off the television At that moment, his cell phone suddenly vibrated.

Upon picking it up, he took a look.

It was a text message The message was sent by his mentor, Dexter, The content of the message was an address for a hotel along with a room number.

The irritation that had been plaguing Zoran instantly vanished. He hurriedly dialed Dester’s number and asked “What does the teat message you sent me theaid” K Dexter responded Lassure you, you wont be disappened Once this is over you should abroad 1/3 and lay low for a while!” The hint had already become very clear.

Initially, Dexter found himself pursued abroad after secretly photographing Luciana and a certain member of the Santana family.

At that moment, as Dexter said that, he was hinting to Zoran that there was a major drama at the hotel. He suggested they should leave quickly after taking the photos to avoid being hunted down by the Langford family.

As the saying goes. “Once a mentor, respected for a lifetime. Indeed, Dexter took care of Zoran as if the latter were his own. At least, that was what Zoran thought.

Zoran was deeply moved in his heart.

After expressing his gratitude, he hung up the phone.

Immediately, Zoran called back all his underlings who were staking out outside.

The underlings, puzzled, asked. “Boss, why are we leaving our post at the hotel where Sierra’s crew is staying? Why are we coming back?” “Why the hell are you still staring? Sierra has long since run off to another hotel,” cursed Zoran.

His lackeys immediately caught on, asking, “Boss, did we stumble upon any unexpected gains?” Zoran chuckled, “Of course, the information came from my mentor. He found the location where Sierra and her lover were having their secret rendezvous. We should hurry over there. After we finish up tonight, you can relax and enjoy yourselves however you wish.” Upon hearing that, the lackeys also became exhilarated.

Luciana had once said that if they could dig up some dirt on Sierra, she would give them a substantial amount of money, enough for them to spend for a lifetime.

Moreover, they all knew who Zoran’s mentor was, a venerable figure in the paparazzi circle. The information he provided was certainly reliable.

Without a shred of doubt, the group of people quickly gathered their equipment and immediately. headed toward the hotel address without any delay.

Upon arriving near the hotel, Zoran instructed his subordinates to keep watch outside the premises in order to capture any images of Sierra and her lover entering or leaving the hotel.

As for himself, he had checked into a room right next to the one provided by Dexter.

Zoran partially closed his own room door, leaving a small gap. This way, he would be able to immediately detect even the slightest movement.

He continued to keep watch until eight in the evening The sound of a door opening came from the opposite side 2/3 Immediately, Zoran became alert and discreetly peered through the gap in the door. True enough, he saw a familiar face-it was Emrys.

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