Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 422

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 422-Dexter Accepted The Deal Dexter hesitated to spend the substantial amount of money he held ostentatiously, as he couldn’t ad to living abroad.

Dexter was deeply distressed, Although he hoped the Santana family would let him off the hook, he realized that offending the Langford family would only make his life more difficult Luciana reassured him, “You don’t need to worry about that. Just gather the information, and I’ll take care of exposing it. The Langford family won’t even know you exist, so they won’t hold you

accountable.” Dexter’s concerns were effectively dispelled by her statement.

It was an incredibly tempting offer.

After considering it for a moment, Dexter agreed, saying. If that’s the case, I can give it a try. However. I can’t guarantee success. Sierra’s circle is just too clean… Dexter, being involved in the entertainment industry, used the word “clean” to describe Sierra, which showed how highly he thought of her.

Dexter was the first to notice Sierra when Skyline Entertainment showed signs of promoting her. In an industry where benefits were valued above all else, Sierra must have made sacrifices for the company to promote her over Luciana, a popular star.

Curiosity got the better of Dexter, and he spent some time observing Sierra.

He focused on her relationship with the Langford family, but he couldn’t find anything concrete.

Surprisingly, Sierra deliberately maintained a distance even with the people from the Langford family.

Dexter felt bewildered. It seemed as though the Langford family was actively seeking closeness with Sierra, rather than the other way around.

That was a mystery he wanted to unravel.

Dexter couldn’t find any dirt on Sierra, but he ended up uncovering information about Luciana instead However, when Dexter was pursued by the Santana family, he lost interest in investigating Sierra.

Suddenly, Luciana approached him, hoping he would return to his old profession.

After careful consideration, Dexter agreed. However, when he mentioned that Sierra’s circle was too clean, Luciana became visibly upset.

Luciana saw Sierra as a lifelong adversary, so any praise for Sierra felt like a veiled criticism of herself.

Naturally, Luciana was displeased 1/2 “You better succeed!” Luciana said coldly, handing Dexter a business card. “This is my contact information. Let me know immediately if you have any news about Sierra.” With that, Luciana picked up her Prada bag, put on her sunglasses, and left Dexter’s residence with head held high. The sound of her high heels echoed in the hallway.

Dexter looked at the business card in his hand and gave a bitter smile.

Initially, he had only wanted to investigate Emrys out of curiosity. Even if he found substantial information, he had no intention of making it public.

But Luciana’s arrival changed everything.

“Unexpectedly, I’ve returned to my old line of work… Dexter sighed. “Although that young man named Emrys is quite mysterious, I have no choice but to take this gamble.” Emrys may be somewhat exceptional, but compared to the Santana family from Jipsdale, Dexter definitely had a stronger affinity for the Santana family.

Dexter truly no longer wanted to continue living a life of constant hiding, Furthermore, no matter how wicked a person might be, they surely couldn’t withstand the power and influence of the wealthy Santana family, could they?

Dexter made the decision to take that risk.

Just as he had composed himself, the sound of knocking on the door unexpectedly rang out once again.

Dexter thought that Luciana had forgotten to mention something and had returned, so he walked over and opened the door.

However, the person he saw when he opened the door suddenly filled him with unease.

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