Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 420

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 420-Luciana Not only that, Dexter also discovered a picture of Emrys online. Upon comparing it with the young man standing next to Sierra, he was certain that those two individuals were the same person.

However, something frustrating happened later.

After making copies of all the clues related to Emrys, Dexter used his previous connections to contact the publishers of the key clues and engaged in a series of negotiations.

Shortly after, the post on the Jazona University forum was deleted, and the photos related to Emrys that had been circulating online also disappeared,

leaving behind only a few seemingly irrelevant articles.

If the paparazzi were aware of this maneuver, they would surely be amazed.

Armed with the information he had gathered. Dexter was preparing to conduct on-site investigations at two locations: Jazona University and Apricot Hall.

Since Emrys was so mysterious, Dexter thought it best not to provoke him for the time being. Instead, he would start with the people who knew Emrys and gather information from various sources. With approach, Dexter believed he would soon uncover Emrys’ family background.

this Dexter had formulated his plan.

As he was preparing to leave, he encountered an unexpected situation.

An unexpected guest suddenly paid him a visit.

It was a woman, dressed incredibly seductively. Her tight-fitting top and formhugging skirt accentuated her upper body’s curves and her lower body’s roundness, showcasing them in all their glory.

The white stockings under her form-fitting skirt made her long legs appear flawlessly pale.

The woman, with a Prada designer bag slung over one shoulder, removed her sunglasses with her other hand. She cast a haughty glance at Dexter.

“Dexter how dare you return to Chanaea What, couldn’t you adapt to life abroad, you outcast?” the woman sticered When Dexter saw that woman, his expression subtly changed, revealing a hint of fear The woman’s name was Luciana Lane, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She was once a taghly acclaimed star. However, her reputation plummeted when it was revealed that she had been. involved in an illicit relationship with a powerful figure from Jipsdale for a long time That was indeed the information that Dexter had leaked As a result, he was pursued by the powerful figure from Jipsdale all the way to a foreight country.

Dear loked at the woman before him, his face exuinely grim, and asked how did you know I 1/2 now working with me.

Upon hearing that, Dexter furrowed his brows.

Back when he was in his prime, he had taken on numerous paparazzi apprentices, and Zoran was one of them.

However, later on, Dexter offended a powerful figure in Jipsdale and had to flee abroad, hiding for several years. Naturally, his apprentices abandoned him, and they went their separate ways.

Recently, Dexter returned to his homeland. He had just gotten in touch with Zoran, only to unexpectedly find out that Zoran was actually assisting Luciana with her affairs.

The expression on Dexter’s face grew increasingly grim.

Luciana chuckled lightly and said, “You need not be anxious. I didn’t come today to settle old scores with you. In fact, I should be thanking you. If it weren’t for you exposing that matter, I wouldn’t have been able to marry into the Santana family so quickly.” The Santana family of Jipsdale, on par with the Langford family, were both influential figures.

Originally, Luciana was merely involved in a secret affair with a certain member of the Santana family. However, after being exposed by Dexter, her lover divorced his wife and took Luciana as his new wife.

Luciana had essentially given up her career, but in return, she had married into a wealthy family ahead. of time.

Dexter’s eyes flickered. He asked, “So, what is the purpose of your visit today?” He couldn’t believe that Luciana would be so kind-hearted as to go out of her way to thank him.

Without consulting Dexter, Luciana made herself comfortable on the living room couch. As she massaged her calf, she spoke. “Considering your abilities, I assume you still remember the animosity between Sierra and me, right?” Dexter nodded.

Previously, Luciana was also an artist affiliated with Skyline Entertainment and was even the company’s main focus until Sierra came alongUpon hearing that the company had chosen to promote Sierra, Luciana was immediately displeased. She even threatened to leave Skyline Entertainment instantly if the company dared to proceed with such a decision.

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