Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 415

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 415-Futile Protests.

In the end, with the help of some connections, Blackie managed to secure his release after paying the required sum of money.

Shortly after, his boss called him and immediately began berating him, saying, “You useless fool! specifically told you to keep an eye on someone, but instead, you ended up in such a disgraceful pl… Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Do you even want to keep this job?” With a hint of sadness in his voice. Blackie replied. “Boss, things are not as they seem!”

“Hmph! If it’s not as I imagined, then what is it? Explain yourself!” his boss demanded.

Blackie explained, I remember I was following that young man. I saw him enter the brothel and wanted to get closer for a better shot. But unexpectedly, he pulled me into the room. After that, 1 lost consciousness and have no recollection of what happened. When I finally came to my senses, I found myself… Even Blackie found this situation peculiar.

When he was caught. Blackie still had some clarity of thought. He was convinced that Emrys must have used some unknown drug on him, causing him to engage in sexual activity with the young lady while unconscious Therefore, upon arriving at the police station, his first course of action was to protest his innocence. He claimed that he had been framed and suggested that they conduct a blood test to prove his claims. He was certain they would find traces of the drug.

However, the woman insisted that he was fully aware of his actions and had forced her to comply with his demands.

Blackie vehemently denied her accusations.

However, the woman presented evidence that left Blackie speechless.

It was a video clip, filmed using Blackie’s mobile phone.

The woman said, “He insisted on filming this video, claiming he wanted to keep it for his own pleasure. I initially refused, but then he generously transferred two thousand to me. If there’s money to be made, of course I would take it… “You’re lying! Do you really think you’re worth two thousand? If I had that kind of money, wouldn’t I spend it on something more enjoyable? Just looking at you makes me sick!” Blackie argued, his face. flushed with anger.

To uncover the truth, all they needed to do was check the messages on Blackie’s phone.

The police officer effortlessly found a selfie video on his phone, just as the woman had described.

In that moment. Blackie was completely dumbfounded.

The person in the video was undemably himself, and the voice was his own as well. However, no matter 1/2 In oruer TO CONVIDIA 14 Mas nothing unusual, indicating that there was no possibility of him being drugged.

Faced with the mounting evidence, Blackic had no choice but to admit defeat.

“Boss, I can assure you that everything I’ve said is the truth. It must have been that young man you asked me to follow who used some trick. He was the one who entered the brothel first, I even sort took several photos… Yes, the photos!” Slapping his forehead, Blackie realized the crucial point.

As an entertainment reporter, he always had his camera with him.

However, after his trip to the police station, his camera was nowhere to be found.

If they could find the photos inside the camera, they would surely prove something. Perhaps they couldn’t change the outcome of his involvement in prostitution, but at the very least, they could prove that he had followed Emrys inside.

After ending the call, Blackie immediately returned to the small pink alley, hoping to retrieve his camera.” Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

Emrys had already returned home, filled with joy.

Cordelia, unable to contain her excitement, leaned in with her exquisitely beautiful face and asked, “How was your day today? Did anything interesting happen between you and Sierra?” Emrys shrugged and replied, “What fascinating story could there be? It was just a normal reunion, filled with warmth and affection.” “Is that all?” Cordelia didn’t believe it, of course.

Whenever the mischievous Emrys met with his sisters, it was always a grand spectacle.

No matter what he said, Cordelia would not believe that nothing happened when he met with Sierra.

Emrys said. “There wasn’t really anything noteworthy… His gaze shifted, and with a sly chuckle, he added, “Delia, it seems you’re quite eager for something to happen between Sierra and me. Why don’t you play the director for once and help us create a low- budget film?

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