Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 413

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 413-Unique Preference That’s why Sierra suggested giving the keys to Emrys and letting him stay in her condominium for th night, or else he could stay in the hotel with the film crew.

“Sierra, you know very well what Tm capable of. I can easily shake off these insignificant people,” Emrys said casually.

Sierra remembered Emrys carrying her through the mountains and nodded, saying, “I believe in your abilities, but it’s still better to be cautious. Take the keys to my condominium. If you can’t get rid of those people, just stay at my place. I have multiple houses, so it doesn’t matter if one gets exposed.”

Emrys couldn’t help but admire, thinking to himself, Plenty of houses…. He realized that the lives of the wealthy were truly unpretentious.

Playfully, he teased Sierra, “Sierra, why do you, as a celebrity, live like a thief, having more than one place to hide?” Sierra laughed and replied. “Ha! It’s all because of those pesky paparazzi.” ΓΙ “If I get the chance in the future, I’ll introduce you to Mystique. She’s the real master when it comes to having multiple hideouts. Maybe you two can even exchange experiences, Emrys suggested Curious, Sierra asked, “Who is Mystique?

“She’s my master’s junior, but also my senior, Emrys explained.

“Friar Athos’ junior? She must be an extraordinary person, right?” Sierra wondered.

“Extraordinary?” Emrys chuckled and said, “Indeed, she’s extraordinary. I’ve never seen a woman as remarkable as her. He added silently, Remarkably flatchested Unaware of the implications, Sierra said, “I’m looking forward to meeting her.” In the end. Emrys accepted the key from Sierra. After accompanying her back to the studio, he left on his own.

As expected, Emrys quickly became the target of a paparazzo.

The paparazzi had split into two groups. One group focused on Sierra and the other stars of the production team. The other group was tasked with tracking Emrys and those closely associated with the stars.

From the paparazzi’s perspective, the relationship between Emrys and Sierra was clearly not simple. If they could uncover his background, it would undoubtedly make for an exclusive news story.

Emrys was well aware that he was being followed.

He could have easily shaken off the paparazzi, but suddenly, a better idea came to mind. Unconsciously, a mischievous grin appeared on his face.

Emrys swiftly moved and slipped into a small pink alleyway.

1/2 The door curtain was partially rolled up.

A woman with heavy makeup. exuding flamboyance, sat on a bench by the entrance. She provocatively propped up a leg encased in black stockings, shamelessly facing outward, revealing the view beneath her short skirt that barely covered her hips.

Upon seeing a handsome young man like Emrys passing by, the vivacious woman’s eye With a flirtatious raise of her eyebrows and a playful wink, she whistled at him, inviting and have some fun.

Emrys approached and exchanged a few words with the woman.

The paparazzo followed Emrys to the alley’s entrance. Peering inside, he saw Emrys engaged in conversation with a woman. Immediately, he became excited, clicking his camera nonstop in his hands. The mysterious man seen walking hand in hand with the beautiful actress is shockingly visiting a brothel. This is certainly a sensational piece of entertainment news, he thought.

The paparazzo, nicknamed “Blackie, felt that his opportunity for promotion and a raise had arrived. He was overjoyed with the photos he had taken.

multaneously, a deep feeling of disdain towards Emrys welled up inside him.

Having the opportunity to associate closely with a prominent figure like Sierra implies that he possesses a certain level of social status. However, he chooses to spend his time with lowly prostitutes in such a dilapidated alley. What a peculiar preference he has. He could have at least sought out women of better quality and enjoyed their company. What is wrong with his taste?

With a face contorted in disgust, Blackie observed Emrys following that woman into the house. Consequently, he decided to take a few steps forward in order to capture clearer pictures. However, just as he reached the door, he was abruptly pulled inside with great force.

Blackie was taken aback, and his eyes widened in surprise. He realized that the person who had forcefully dragged him into the room was none other than Emrys, wearing an unmistakably malicious expression.

“You!” Just as Blackie was about to speak, he saw a streak of green light flash before his eyes, after which he lost his ability to think.

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