Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 408

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 408-The Dense Emrys.

Emrys was on the verge of tears, expressing, “You all are truly admirable.

Chanaca is in need of such positive and proactive young women like you. You are the role models of independent women in new era. You must persist on the path you’ve chosen, and success will surely come your way one Emrys was deeply moved, so he spoke at length, delivering an inspiring speech to these girls who h dreams.

It’s evident that they have come to me for encouragement, Emrys was proud to be able to assist them.

As the conversation continued, another girl approached him. She was tall and dressed simply, with a white sun har adorning her head. Despite this, Emrys immediately spotted her among a crowd of exceptionally attractive girls.

Emryss eyes lit up, and he confidently approached the girl, grasping her smooth hand and saying. “My lady, you must be just like these inspiring girls, deeply in love with art and willing to give everything for it right “Indeed, Mr. Lund, you’re correct. I do love art and I’m willing to dedicate myself to it. However, I only contribute my effort and not my body. So, kindly remove your grubby hands from mine.” “My lady, your words are not entirely accurate. Devotion is also a form of hard work, and if you don’t put in effort, it only means that the man behind you is not up to par.” Emrys s not only did not release his grip, but he tightened it, a mischievous smile playing on his lips.

The girl stomped hard on Emrys’s foot with her flat shoes, angrily retorting. “You pervert! Just because I respectfully called you Mr. Lund, you take advantage of the situation?” The girl wearing the white sun hat was none other than Sierra, who had already changed her clothes Dressed in simple attire, she was a stark contrast to the women earlier who were clad in seductive gowns. Her aura was distinctly different, possessing a sunny vibrancy absent in the others.

A few B-list actresses nearby, upon hearing that subtly sarcastic remark, initially felt a bit displeased. However, as soon as they turned around and realized that the comment had come from Sierra, their expressions immediately changed.

“Ms Sullivan We’ll leave you and your brother to your conversation” The women left with expressions of awkwardness, casting a resentful glance at Emrys before they departed The purpose of their visit was something every man should have understood.

Yet Emrys, being dense, surprised them by delivering an impassioned and maining speech Ovuly, de women were not there to listen to it insured they should have explicitly said. Til accompany you tonight and you’ll promote me after that alright?” Offering themselves for the sake of art; their hint couldn’t be any clearer.

Yet, Emrys continued encouraging them on and on, speaking with such enthusiasm that they felt too embarrassed to interrupt him and ask for his contact information. Now that Sierra had arrived, they felt even more awkward to do so.

Thus, they could only leave dejectedly.

Sierra managed to free her hand from Emrys grasp. Wearing an indiscernible smile, she said, “How does it feel to be surrounded by beautiful women? Are you going to blame me for ruining your romantic prospects?” “Of course not. No matter how many women there are, they could never compare to you, Sierra. You are a person of pure and noble character!” “You’re a smooth-talker, but those girls are all B-list celebrities still.” “Even then, they pale in comparison to my beautiful sisters.” “Although it might seem like you’re just trying to flatter me, it’s still nice to hear.

Come on, I won’t be eating on set today. I’ll accompany you out. I’ve already informed Amalia.

Without any hesitation, Sierra took hold of Emrys arm.

Emrys asked, surprised, “You’re a famous celebrity. Aren’t you concerned about rumors spreading if you’re seen in public holding a stranger’s arm like this?” “Tsk!” Sierra clicked her tongue and casually replied, “I’ve never tried to maintain an image of being single. What’s the big deal if I openly have a relationship, especially considering you’re my brother?” “Aren’t you worried that your male fans will stop supporting you?” I’ve mentioned it before, acting is just a hobby for me. I hope that the audience will appreciate me for my acting skills, not for anything else. If they stop being my fans simply because they see me on the street with a man, it only indicates that my acting skills have not yet gained their approval. Moreover…

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