Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 406

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 406-newcomer if they disappear for just two or three years.

This is because cultivating a newcomer with little popularity comes at a low cost.

As long as they have a decent physical appearance, they can be introduced to the public for a trial run after their persona and image are built up by the management company.

If one doesn’t work out, they will be replaced by another until someone finds success.

For these management companies, even if the first ninety-nine individuals are mere cannon fodder, they will have a windfall as long as the hundredth one

makes it bigVeteran actors of the past required significant investment to be nurtured, while their acting skills needed time to be honed..

As for young male idols, they attract fans with their physical appearance and public persona. Thus, their acting skills are not as important in the beginning.

Hence, many budding male celebrities, after gaining popularity, frequently appear on the screen. They use the few years of their prime to fervently make as much as they can, milking the most out of their youth.

Individuals like Corbin, who choose to take the hard route during the peak of their popularity, are extremely rare.

This also implies that Corbin is extremely susceptible to being replaced by upcoming young talents.

He has already missed his peak of popularity. Unlike the previous two or three years when countless people would knock on his door daily, inviting him to perform, he took the initiative to approach Seth to offer himself for the drama.

Seth, considering their past relationship, agreed to give him an opportunity.

As the first piece of work following his career transition, Corbin cherishes this opportunity greatly, putting in immense effort during the filming.

However, no matter how hard one tries, there is still a noticeable gap when compared to naturally gifted competitors like Emrys.

It’s because Emrys isn’t merely acting. The charisma he exudes is innate. Even seasoned actors with decades of experience would feel inferior in comparison.

Emrys pats Corbin’s shoulder and says, “That’s just how geniuses are. But don’t be disheartened, I think you’ll have a chance in the future. You could try playing the role of Empyrean Lord.” Such is the nature of a genius….

Enays is indeed not modest at all. However, his earlier statement about trying out the role of Kangrycan Lord has genuinely scared Corbin After all Empyran Lord is not someuse who can be disrespected casually 1/2 “Mr. Lund, stop joking around. In this world, there isn’t a single person qualified to portray Empyrean Lord. Yes, not a single one, Corbin says with a face full of respect.

Empyrean Lord is a hero of Chanaea, a figure held in the highest esteem throughout the nation. Regardless of the situation, his name should not be casually brought up in conversation. This is the respect that Empyrean Lord rightfully deserves, not to mention bringing him onto the screen.

Perhaps it will only be possible to produce a heroic drama series a hundred years later to glorify the exploits of Empyrean Lord. However, this can only occur under the direction of the highest leader of Chanaca, Otherwise, it would be a capital offense, and this is not an exaggeration at all.

Seeing his terrified expression, Emrys gives a bitter smile and says, “Look at you, acting as if Empyrean Lord is some kind of ferocious beast. In reality, beneath his dragon mask, he is just like you-he has two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. He’s not as terrifying as you think.” Emrys shakes his head, but his words cause a drastic change in Corbin’s expression. He says, “Mr. Lund, this isn’t a matter of him being fearsome. I’m not scared of him, but rather, Empyrean Lord is a sacred entity. My actions stem from a sense of respect.” It is precisely from that respect that fear is induced. This is fundamentally different from the usual concept of fear.

Corbin hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Mr. Lund, I strongly advise against repeating what you just said, particularly in our line of work in the entertainment industry where we must be mindful of our words. Often, even if we don’t intend any harm, our words can be manipulated by individuals with hidden agendas, potentially leading to severe consequences in our lives.” While Emrys had expressed his disinterest in being part of the entertainment industry, Corbin had a different perspective on the matter.

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