Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 397

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 397-Unscrupulous Ninette Feeling disheartened, Sierra had no choice but to settle for less. She requested to see a photograph of Emrys just to have an idea of what he looked like.

However. Cordelia and the others remained silent.

It was impossible for them to show her his photo. If they were to do that, wouldn’t the truth be revealed tomorrow!

They absolutely couldn’t allow that.

Seeing their silence. Sierra instantly grew angry, clenching her fists as she spoke. “I asked you for a picture before, but you refused, saying I had to wait until I returned. Now that I’m back, you still won’t let me see what Rys looks like.

Isn’t that unreasonable?” With a flicker in her seductive eyes, Yelena chuckled and responded, “Sierra, it’s not that we don’t want to show you, but we simply never took any photos. Rys, he… is quite shy, a very bashful young man.” “Is that really true?” Sierra’s doubtful gaze swept over the few people, finally resting on Caylie.

The person she trusted the most was her.

Caylie’s cheeks flushed slightly, truly because the words Yelena had just spoken were too outrageous.


Bashful No matter how one looked at it, these two words simply couldn’t be applied to Emrys.

If he were shy, he wouldn’t have kept hugging her, claiming he was teaching her acupuncture, all the while emphasizing, “Lower, bend your waist a bit more.” Wasn’t the underlying message for her to stick her rear end out a bit more?

He was clearly a pervert.

Caylie, who was never good at lying, couldn’t help but blush. However, in order to play along with the act, she eventually nodded and said, “Yes, Emrys is very shy. I’ve never seen a boy as shy as him.” Caylie’s face turned red.

Sierra sensed something was wrong and deliberately took her hand. “Caylie, you know, you’ve been the person I’ve trusted the most since I was a child.

You’ve never lied to me, and this time is no different, right?” War Robots Multiplayer Battles Bruld lenandaru zobotsl Chapter 397 Unscrupulous Ninette She looked straight into Caylie’s eyes.

Upon witnessing this scene, Cordelia instantly sensed trouble.

It’s over. The truth is about to be exposed.

Indeed. Sierra is not easily fooled.

Download Just as Caylic was about to look away, Ninette suddenly interrupted, saying, “It’s just a photocratic I have it. I have it. I’ll go and get it for you to see right now.

As she spoke, she hurried into her room. After rummaging around forn bin, she entered and hhanced something to Sterra, saying, “Here, the person in it is Rys.

Take it and look at your leisure?” Sterra, filled with anticipation, took the photo to look at it. However, the very next second.libc face darkened.

The person in the photo was indeed Emrys, but it was a picture of him as a child. He was still wearing split–crotch pants, his little private parts exposed. The photo had already yellowed withlage and it wa unclear how Ninette had found it at the orphanage.

“Ninette, are you just playing with me?” Sterra was instantly enraged, but Ninette just stuck out her tongue and said.

“Hey hey don’t be mnd.. Sterra. I have the adult pictures too!” She handed another one to Sierra.

Sterra momentarily suppressed her anger, deciding to trust Ninette once more.

However, aftern singide glance, she completely lost her temper. She slammed the photo onto the ground, then chased after Ninette, unleashing a flurry of punches.

I asked you to show me pictures of Rys as an adult, not what that thing looked like after it grew… Ol my. I’ve gone blind. Ninette, you must take responsibility!” White chasing after Ninette, Sierra was simultaneously cursing in anger.

Cordelia and the other two were also curious about the contents of the photo.

They glanced at the ground, and their faces immediately turned red, their ears burning. It was the same feeling they had when they first discovered the study materials on Ninette’s computer, The deceitful Ninette, where did the get all these things from? She really has no shame.

However, Ninette’s move could not be described as anything less than clever, successfully helping Lvt break free from the situation.

2/3 Today, it was certain that Sierra would not see Emrys.

She always felt that there was something peculiar about her older sisters.

However, they stubbornly refused to speak, leaving Sierra with no other choice.

She reluctantly agreed, saying, “Fine, you want to maintain the mystery, don’t you? I’ll go along with it. After all, I won’t be leaving Jazona anytime soon. I’ll just wait here until Rys returns.”

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