Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 388

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 388-Sky Devourer Lord The chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance couldn’t hide his trembling when he saw Emrys walking away, completely ignoring him. The once icy and murderous intent that surrounded him had vanished completely.

The top–level hidden fighters of the Hidden Fighters Alliance, witnessing this scene, immediately turned cold and prepared to intervene and stop Emrys.

However, before they could take action, a voice filled with fear suddenly called out, “Everyone, stop!” It was the chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance who spoke.

Everyone looked at him, puzzled. But when they saw the fear in his eyes, they couldn’t help but shudder.

Their leader, surprisingly, was afraid!

Was he afraid of that person from Chanaea?

Matteo also noticed this and couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Mr. Murphy, do you know that person from Chanaea?”.

“I am aware of him, but not very well.” The chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance gulped, trying to suppress the tremor in his voice, and continued, “I should mention that his name is one that you all have heard before.” The crowd became even more confused.

Even Matteo was baffled.

Until He already knew Emrys name, but this was the first time he had heard it mentioned like, today, he had never come across it, making it even harder for him to understand the chief’s earlier words.

The chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance looked at Matteo with a complex gaze.

He sighed and said, “Matteo, you were fortunate to let go of your son’s grudge in time. Otherwise, a great disaster would have truly befallen you.” He was still unaware that Matteo had acknowledged Emrys as his master. In a hurry, he reassured. Matteo once again, seemingly terrified that Matteo might seek revenge on Emrys.

This further perplexed Matteo.

“Mr. Murphy, what exactly is the reason that made you so fearful of that individual from Chanaea?” “Because he is none other than the Sky Sky Devourer Lord “Sky Devourer Lord!” As soon as the chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance uttered these words, everyone was taken aback, feeling a chill running from their feet to the back of their heads.

Was the young man from Chanaea Ijust saw actually the infamous Sky Devourer Lord?

Had they almost made a move against the Sky Devourer Lord just now?

That would have been a death wish!

Matteo also gasped and said. “Mr. Murphy, is he.. is he really the Sky Devourer Lord?” While speaking. he nearly bit his own tongue, a clear sign of the shock he felt.

The chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance, Regan, nodded with certainty and replied, “Yes, it is him. He is indeed the Sky Devourer Lord” He too was astonished.

Three years ago, on a certain night, the Sky Devourer Lord had suddenly burst into the room of the chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance. They had a brief confrontation, and the outcome was not hard to guess. The chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance was defeated in an instant, unable to withstand even a single move from the Sky Devourer Lord.

What terrified Regan the most was… At that time, the Sky Devourer Lord had displayed a terrifyingly powerful supernatural ability. Despite being ten meters away, he simply pointed from afar, and suddenly, a cold light appeared in the chilling night, leaving a deep gash on Regan’s face.

He had done everything in his power to dodge, even resorting to a substitution technique, but he still couldn’t avoid that one attack.

This was the terrifying power of the Sky Devourer Lord.

The memory of the chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance remained vivid.

Earlier, he had spotted the young man from Chanaea. Although he wasn’t donning the imposing dragon mask. his voice had already made a lasting impression on the chief of the Hidden Fighters Alliance. As a result, he was immediately recognized.

“Do you now comprehend why I said you were on the verge of catastrophe?” Regan inquired, his tone. filled with complexity.

A surge of turbulent emotions surged within Matteo.

No wonder Emrys had the audacity to come to the Hidden Fighters Alliance alone and boldly assert that he would make mi apologize. It appears that he is the Sky Decourer Lord.

Indeed, the Sky Devourer Lord is shamelessly arrogant, Hold on Matteo’s expression wavered as if he had just realized something.

If Emrys truly was the Sky Devourer Lord, wouldn’t that mean his own master was the Sky Devourer Lord‘ Initially, Matteo felt quite despondent. Not only had his own son perished, but he had also inexplicably acknowledged the murderer of his son as his master.

Anyone would feel despondent in such a situation

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