Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 383

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 383-Torture They intentionally allowed Rosalie to maintain her illusion, giving her the freedom to do as she pleased This became a source of entertainment for many male hidden fighters.

Someone as ruthless as Emrys was truly rare.

He not only physically hurt Roube, but also inflicted psychological damage by comparing her to his sisters in terms of appearance, figure, and charm, ultimately concluding that she fell short in every It was a perfect execution.

Emrys not only dealt a painful blow to Rosalie physically, but also shattered her confidence on a psychological level, instilling a deep sense of defeat within her.

It seems you do possess some skills. No wonder you dared to come here alone.

However, if you believe or you can be reckless with just this level of strength, you are underestimating us.” Emrys ability to dispel Roulie’s illusions was indeed unexpected for Matteo.

However, he did not find it particularly impressive.

Rosalie’ssion skills were not advanced, and any man with a slightly strong will could easily resist her Emrys shook his head and said. “It’s not that I underestimate your Hidden Fighters Alliance, but rather that your alliance has not earned my respect” “Humph, such arrogance. It appears that the Sky Devourer Palace of your Chanaea has once again filled you with unwarranted confidence, just like a hundred years ago. Without the Sky Devourer Palace, you Chanacan mean nothing to me” Matteo coldly snorted.

A peculiar white fog began to envelop the surroundings.

After the mist dissipated, the scenery transformed.

The eerily red crescent moon reappeared in the sky.

This was Matteo’s illusory realm.

“Chinaran. I will make you pay a painful price for everything you have done in the past. I will make you suffer so much that you will long for death, and before you die, you will repent for the loss of my Matteo’s ominous voice echoed from the red moon, resonating throughout the illusory world.

Torture Matteo’s illusions were on an entirely different level compared to Rosalie’s.

Rosalie’s illusions were child’s play.

Whenever she faced opponents with strong willpower, her illusions were easily dispelled.

Matteo, however, was different.

In his illusion world, everything could change, everything could attack, and he was the god of this realm.

As soon as Emrys entered this illusion world, Matteo was confident that this Chanacan had become trapped like a cornered beast.

He could employ any means necessary to torment Emrys.

The torture inflicted mental anguish that directly targeted Emrys‘ psyche.

In other words, Matteo was preparing to break Emrys, first mentally and then physically. This dual assault was designed to subject him to an unprecedented level of pain.

Swoosh, swoosh!

The surroundings suddenly filled with countless white bones emerging from the ground, entwining around Emrys body like tentacles, rendering him immobile.

The bone spurs growing on those white bones viciously pierced every inch of Emrys skin.

“Prepare yourself for agony!” Matteo sneered.

Only his voice could be heard. Matteo was nowhere to be seen.

As this sneer reverberated, a red moonlight enveloped the entire illusion world, casting a peculiar crimson hue over the area.

Some peculiar red light particles descended onto Emrys forehead, seemingly attempting to penetrate it and seize control of his thoughts.

This was another tactic employed by Matteo–replicating Emrys‘ memories.

Then, he would conjure up all the familiar figures in Emrys‘ mind Matteo would torment all of Emrys loved ones–his family, friends, and lover– right before his eyes. He would force Emrys to witness the humiliation of those he cherished the most.

However, no matter how hard the red particles tried, they could never replicate Emrys memories.

Remember, this was an illusion world, and Emrys was merely a mental projection.

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