Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 374

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 374-Are You Seeking Death?

When she woke up again, Caylie found herself lying in her bed in her bedroom.

She asked Emrys what had happened, and he replied that he had dealt with a minor issue and asked her not to overthink it.

Caylie had always trusted Emrys deeply, so when he seemed reluctant to explain further, she decided not to press him.

Later, when Marley mentioned that his Jetroinian mentee had gone missing, Caylie realized that Emrys minor issue was related to this

Although Caylie wasn’t sure if the Jetroinian was alive or dead, she knew that his disappearance was connected to Emrys.

However, Caylie couldn’t let Marley know about this.

She planned to ask Emrys about it once Marley and his group had left.

Lost in thought. Caylie was interrupted by the arrival of a carefree young man, laughing loudly. “What’s all the commotion about? Are you here to admire my sister’s beauty before leaving Chanaca?” The person who arrived was Emrys.

Caylie’s expression subtly changed.

She didn’t want Emrys to be here at this time, as it could draw Marley’s attention.

Trying to appear calm, Caylie said, “Emrys, didn’t I tell you to rest at home today? What are you doing here?” Her intention was to urge Emrys to leave quickly and lay low for a while.

To her surprise, Emrys responded loudly, “I can’t stop worrying about you. I hope nothing like what happened a few days ago occurs again when a troublesome person came to bother you. It seems I made the right decision to come today, as there are even more troublesome people here now.” “Troublesome people?” Marley and the others‘ faces stiffened as anger welled up within them.

Wait… Something’s not right. The issue at hand isn’t about Emrys calling us troublesome people, but a few days ago, someone bothered Caylie? Is he referring to Hector? He must have encountered Hector before he disappeared, and it’s highly likely that there was a conflict between them. He used the term “bother.” Marley suddenly slapped his forehead and exclaimed, “Hector’s disappearance must have something to do with you. Yes, it must have something to do with you!” 1/2 M.79%

Build legendary robots!

Build legendary roboti!

Are You Seeking Death?

He remembered the day of the acupuncture duel.

It was this young man who, with extraordinary strength, had deflected the golden needle, proving that he was no ordinary person.

With his skills, eliminating Hector would not have been a problem at all.

The truth about Hector’s disappearance gradually became clear in Marley’s mind.

Caylie was dumbfounded.

What is wrong with Emrys!

Isn’t he just revealing himself and playing with fire!

“Emrys, what are you talking about? What troublesome person? There was no one bothering me a few days ago. I think you must have been dreaming at home.” She quickly rushed over and pushed Emrys away.

Duncan understood implicitly and chimed in, “Ms. White is right. I’ve been in Apricot Hall these past few days, and I haven’t seen anyone come to bother Ms.

White.” Marley’s face darkened as he said, “Do you all think I’m a fool!” How could he not discern who was telling the truth and who was lying?

The more Caylie and Duncan explained, the closer they got to the truth.

An explanation is a cover–up, and a cover–up is the truth.

Emrys had indeed killed. Hector.

Caylie lowered her voice and said, “Emrys, have you lost your mind? What are you doing out here at this hour? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Her tone was filled with reproach.

However, Emrys remained utterly unaffected. Against Caylie’s desires, he did not depart. Instead, he proactively approached Marley, uttering, “I am aware of your uncertainties. Could I have a moment of your time?”

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