Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 369

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 369-How Could He Be Fooled Furthermore, since Marley had lost the acupuncture duel, he naturally had no credibility to bring up the details of the duel again.

His apprentices also remained silent, leading the Jetroinian to mistakenly believe that Emrys was merely a staff member at Apricot Hall.

The Jetroinian’s eyes flickered as he asked, “Did you just say that you are Ms.

White’s driver?” “Yes. What’s the matter?” “Nothing. Look into my eyes. Do you notice anything unusual?”

Suddenly, the Jetroinian uttered a very peculiar phrase. Upon hearing this.

Emrys turned to look at him, only to see a strange green glint flash across the Jetroinian’s pupils.

It was the illusion technique from Jetroina.

In the past, Emrys had once crossed swords with the hidden fighters from Jetroina, and he found their illusion techniques to be truly unmatched.


Emrys pretended to have fallen under his spell, his gaze suddenly becoming somewhat vacant. “Master. what can I do for you?” Did it actually work?

The Jetroinian was immediately filled with joy.

Even he felt somewhat surprised.

Due to his mediocre skills in hidden fighting arts, the illusions he cast were inconsistent, working at times and failing at others.

He had arrived at Apricot Hall at noon today, stating his intention to become an apprentice of Caylic. In reality, he had already been secretly employing illusion techniques, though they had not been successfully executed.

ave to stay bur Therefore, as long as he sought side, there would always be a moment of success.

All it took was one success, and he could take down Caylie without anyone noticing.

What the Jetroinian didn’t realize was that he had successfully executed an illusion technique at noon. However, Caylie was wearing a Telepathic Formation that blocked his illusion technique.

1/3 Although the Telepathic Formation couldn’t defend against physical attacks, it was entirely capable of warding off illusion techniques and other forms of mental invasions as long as it was strong enough.

Of course, the Jetroinian was not aware of this.

He had just heard that Emrys was Caylie’s driver, likely the person with the most opportunity to: interact with Caylie. So, with a trial–and–error attitude, he decided to use an illusion technique on him. not expecting it to actually succeed.

“Tell me your name, age, and a bit about your family background.” The Jetroinian was preparing to test his own illusion technique.

Emrys answered truthfully, “My name is Emrys. I’m twenty years old. I’m an orphan, and I was raised. in an orphanage since I was a child.” The Jetroinian nodded in satisfaction, then produced a red pill and handed it to Emrys. “This is at poison pill. Once ingested, without the antidote, your internal organs will surely rot and you will die within three days. I command you to take it now.” Emrys took the pill, and without a second thought, he popped it into his mouth and swallowed it.

The Jetroinian was overjoyed.

He actually swallowed the poison without any hesitation. This kid must have fallen under my spell. There’s no way he could be pretending And so, he took out another packet of powder, saying, “This is a kind of sleeping drug that can temporarily make a person lose consciousness. Find an opportunity to give it to Ms. White. As soon as Ms. White faints, contact me immediately. Remember, don’t let anyone else see you.” Emrys responded like a puppet, “Yes, Master” The Jetroinian was extremely satisfied. He gave Emrys his contact information and after briefly explaining everything, he left the place in high spirits, He had thought it would take considerable effort to gain control over Caylie.

Unexpectedly, her driver willingly presented himself, making things much easier than anticipated.

This must be what they call fate!

Not long after the Jetroinian departed, Emrys‘ gaze swiftly regained its clarity, and a mischievous smile. played at the corners of his mouth.

Certainly, he had not succumbed to any enchantment.

How could he be deceived by the mediocre abilities of the Jetroinian?

2/3 He pressed against his own throat, and instantly, he expelled the red pill.

The poisonous pill remained intact.

The instant Emrys had tossed the poison pill into his mouth, he had promptly enveloped it with his life force, preventing its medicinal properties from being unleashed at all.

He proceeded to enter Apricot Hall.

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