Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 367

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 367-Reconsider Carefully After untering those words, he departed from Apricot Hall.

Throughout the entire journey, Reuben was treated as if he were invisible.

Reuben instantly felt even more embarrassed, but he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of anger. After all, they were the ones who had offended the two esteemed medical experts first. The only thing he could do was apologize again and again.

Axel also approached Caylie, bending over as he said, “Ms. White, I was ignorant. Please forgive me for my foolish actions”

With a slight furrow in her brow, Caylie said, “You all should leave!” Despite having a kind heart, Caylie couldn’t bring herself to say anything harsh after seeing that the other party had already apologized. She simply asked them to leave.

Reuben and his companions instantly felt an unparalleled bitterness in their hearts.

In the past, they had searched tirelessly for these hidden medical experts but to no avail.

Finally, after much difficulty, they had found them, yet they managed to offend them. This feeling was far too complex to be stimmarized with the word “regret,” Seeing that Caylie was unwilling to engage with them, Reuben had no choice but to turn to Duncan with a sheepish expression. “Dune, considering the many years of friendship between us, could please put in a good word for us in front of Ms. White?” “What? What did you say?” “I said, considering our many years of friendship-*

“Imph, spare me your pretenses. I have no ties with you, and I’m no longer part of the Chanaeal Traditional Medicine Association. You’d better hurry back to where you came from and stop. interfering with my cleaning” you Duncan didn’t even lift his head, continuously sweeping back and forth over Reuben’s shoes with a broom.

Reuben’s lips twitched slightly ay he said, “Dunc, how could you say such a thing? The position of vice president of the Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association has always been reserved for you. It’s just that you’ve been hesitant to accept it.” “I’m sorry, I’m not worthy. How can I possibly qualify to join such a prestigious place as the Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association?” Duncan said sarcastically.

Reconsider Carefully “Get lost! Are you really trying to make me lose my temper?” Reuben could only respond with a bitter, helpless smile. He decided to temporarily leave with Axel and the others to avoid becoming increasingly unwelcome by staying here.

He could only wait until Duncan and the others had cooled down, then they would come to visit again.

The following day, Caylie was in the midst of administering acupuncture to a patient when she suddenly heard Duncan’s loud cursing from outside. She wondered what could have upset the old gentleman this time, Stepping out of the acupuncture room, she caught sight of a rather diminutive figure.

It was indeed the same Jetroinian from yesterday, who had bravely volunteered to serve as a model.

After a night’s rest, his spirits and appearance had almost fully recovered.

With a hint of frostiness on her pretty face, Caylie asked, “What are you here for this time?” The moment the Jetroinian laid eyes on Caylie, his eyes sparkled with fervor.

With a smile, he said, “Ms. White, I’ve come to request your mentorship.

His command of Chanacan was even more fluent than his teacher, Marley.

Caylic furrowed her brows. “My mentorship? You’re not running a fever, are you?” “No, no, I don’t have a fever. It’s just that I’m genuinely impressed after witnessing your acupuncture skills yesterday. That’s why I’ve decided to come and ask you to be my mentor, the Jetronian said.

Caylie’s face immediately took on a strange expression. “Did your master agree?” “Hehe, the old man’s acupuncture skills are quite poor. He is hardly qualified to be my mentor. Only you, Ms. White, are the mentor I admire the most.” “I am not your mentor. Your actions are completely subversive. I cannot accept you as my apprentice. You should go back and continue following Marley!” “Ms. White, please do not be so heartless. I am truly sincere.” The Jetroinian was relentless.

Unable to control himself, Duncan burst out, “Hey, can’t you understand human language? You better scream when I tell you to. Or are you asking for a taste of my broom?” He picked up the broom once again.

The Jetroinian glared at Durican, then turned his head and continued, “Ms.

White, please reconsider carefully, I will be waiting for your response.”

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