Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 364

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 364-On The Brink Of Defeat With a hint of pride, he added, “The reason I continue to practice medicine, despite my years, is because my mentor has entrusted me with his vast knowledge of acupuncture.

The mention of the Seven Stings from Hell and the Needle of Life and Death, techniques on the verge of being lost to time, elicited a collective gasp from the crowd.

The implication that Caylie could master such rare and complex techniques sparked a flurry of questions about her true identity and background.

Axel, in particular, was stunned by the revelation.

Among those present, his understanding of acupuncture was unmatched, making him acutely aware of the monumental significance of these techniques.

The emergence of these peculiar acupuncture techniques signified a seismic shift in the landscape of acupuncture, marking a groundbreaking moment in the field’s history.

In the critical moment following Caylie’s placement of the tenth needle, the Jetroinian subject was visibly overwhelmed by pain, his entire body shaking uncontrollably.

His face contorted in sheer agony, a vivid testament to the intense discomfort he was enduring. Regret consumed him as he internally lamented his decision to participate as the subject in this acupuncture showdown.

“Mr. Shaw…. I… I can’t bear it any longer, he bellowed, his voice filled with torment, indicating his readiness to admit defeat. His declaration of surrender was a desperate attempt to escape the unbearable pain.

Yet, before he could fully articulate his concession, Marley’s voice boomed through the room. “Hold on, this next needle will determine the outcome!” The tremor in Marley’s voice was unmistakable, revealing his own state of agitation.

Marley, having already inserted nine needles into Emrys and poised to place the tenth, was acutely aware that following the standard procedure for this final needle would not be enough to surpass Caylie’s performance.

Will I be defeated here today?

The thought of facing defeat was unacceptable to him. Thus, as he prepared to insert the tenth needle, he chose to target the most agonizing acupoint on the human body, increasing the depth of the needle penetration to a daring two inches.

Prior to the acupuncture session, he had firmly adhered to the rule that needles must not penetrate deeper than half an inch, fearing serious complications, even potential life–threatening consequences.

On The Brink Or Defeat However, in this crucial moment, Marley abandoned caution.

Now, Marley thought, I must take this risk.

He swiftly inserted his golden needle two inches deep, concealing the extra depth by retracting it one and a half inches. His technique was flawlessly executed, leaving no trace of his audacious deviation from the standard procedure.

For any ordinary person, the pain would have been unbearable, causing convulsions and an involuntary collapse.

Yet, to Marley’s surprise, Emrys showed no signs of agony. His face remained calm, without even the slightest furrow of pain.

What’s happening? Has this man lost his ability to feel pain? Or perhaps his response time exceeds that of an average person?

Regardless of the reason, the situation had become highly unfavorable for Marley.

A wry smile appeared on Caylie’s face as she declared, “It’s my turn to apply the needle–the reverse version of the Needle of Ninth Revival, the eleventh needle.” The Jetroinian, teeth clenched and body convulsing, braced himself for the imminent agony, determined to endure until Marley administered the tenth needle.

His mentor’s words echoed in his mind: “A single move can determine the outcome of the game.” If he could endure until the tenth needle, their side would emerge victorious.

However, when Marley’s tenth needle descended, not a single muffled grunt was heard from Emrys.

The cruelty of this outcome was not lost on the Jetroinian man, for whom this was an utterly devastating twist of fate.

“I admit…” he began to say, collapsing in defeat.

As he prepared to accept defeat once again, he even came dangerously close to biting his own tongue in the process.

The familiar storyline unfolded once again, leaving him at a loss for words in the face of relentless pain and uncertainty.

However, as luck would have it, the predictable sequence of events played out once more, and he found himself incapable of uttering the dreaded word “lose.” This time, it was not Marley’s interruption but Caylie’s swift insertion of the eleventh needle that prevented him from expressing his surrender verbally.

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