Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 362

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 362-Acupuncture Duel In traditional medicine, pain was believed to have two primary causes: pain due to malnutrition and Pam due to stagnation.

Pain due to malnutrition was characterized by an imbalance in the body’s nutrients, immune system, energy, and blood. This imbalance would result in discomfort as the organs and meridians were deprived of essential nourishment and moisture.

On the other hand, pain due to stagnation occurred when the flow of energy and blood through the meridians was hindered.

Marley’s proposed acupuncture duel focused on pain due to stagnation.

By strategically placing needles at specific acupoints on the body, one could intentionally disrupt the flow of nutrients and immune system within the meridians, causing pain. This method not only tested the participants knowledge of acupuncture points but also their skill in manipulating the body’s energy flow.

Successfully causing such disruption required expertise comparable to that of an acupuncture master.

While it was relatively straightforward to use acupuncture to relieve blockages and promote the smooth flow of nutrients and immune system, deliberately causing an obstruction without harming the patient was a far more complex task.

The T duel served as a direct way to assess the acupuncture prowess of both parties involved.

As Marley finished explaining the rules of the duel, one of his mentees from Jetroina eagerly volunteered to be Caylie’s subject.

“I offer myself for the acupuncture test,” he announced. “Do you find this acceptable, Ms. White?” Despite his short stature and less–than–pleasing appearance, his keen interest in Caylie was evident, especially as his gaze lingered a bit too long on her.

Sensing his unsettling stare, Caylie resolved to teach him a lesson through the art of acupuncture.

She agreed to his request, saying, Very well. I shall proceed with your acupuncture shortly.” Muffled laughter filled the room as Marley’s mentees, aware of the Jetroinian’s renowned resilience, anticipated the upcoming challenge.

Trained from a young age by his father, a figure of some renown in Jetroina’s endurance circles, the man had developed a notable tolerance for pain.

However, his true passion lay in acupuncture, which led him to seek tutelage under Marley in Kepraria.

Despite his incomplete training, his foundation in pain endurance should not be underestimated.

Acupuncture Duel Choosing him as her opponent’s subject was an unwise decision on Caylie’s part.

Marley, barely concealing his smirk, offered Caylie the chance to choose her opponent’s subject. “I won’t take advantage of a young lady,” he said. “Please feel free to select someone from your side as well The original plan was for each contender to pick a participant from the other side for the acupuncture showdown. However, when Caylie refrained from choosing. Marley, displaying a bold sense of assurance, also decided not to select a participant from Caylie’s team. This move was seen as a strong statement of confidence in his own abilities.

Emrys, seizing the moment, stepped forward with a friendly grin. “I’ll be the one,” he offered, positioning himself as Marley’s subject.

Marley expressed no objections, and Caylie, too, accepted this arrangement without protest.

Axel, however, was quick to distance the duel from the association’s reputation.

“Let it be known,” he stated coldly, “that this duel is a personal matter and in no way reflects upon our Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association.” His intention was clear: to separate the association from the duel, especially from Caylie, to avoid any potential fallout if Caylie did not emerge victorious, which Marley might then use to discredit the Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association.

Reuben nodded in agreement, appreciating Axel’s foresight.

Yet. Marley couldn’t resist taunting Axel, reminding him of his previous defeat.

“Silence, loser,” he scoffed. “Do you not remember your defeat at my hands?” Axel’s face flushed with a mix of embarrassment and anger, visibly shaken by the jibe.

Nevertheless, the focus returned to Caylie and Marley as they prepared for the duel.

Marley, smirking, motioned for Caylie to begin. “Go ahead, Ms. White.” “Well then, I won’t waste any time.” Unfazed by the dramatics, Caylie chose a needle and delicately inserted it into the acupoint on the Jetroinian man’s arm.

Contrary to expectations, the man appeared to enjoy the sensation, his reaction verging on the inappropriate.

It was evident that his willingness to volunteer had less to do with acupuncture and more to do with his desire to be close to Caylie, enthralled by her beauty and the allure of her presence

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