Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 360

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 360-Removed From The Equation Alas, the Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association struggled to find the elusive experts they sought, like searching for needles in a vast haystack.

In this moment, the sight of Marley, the unwelcome visitor from Kepraria, stirred a tempest of emotions within Reuben and his colleagues. Their frustration was evident, but what truly added insult to injury was Marley’s entourage.

Marley had not come alone; he was accompanied by a diverse group of mentees, a deliberate and provocative display. Among his followers were individuals from Jetroina, Venria, and even some of Alendor descent.

This calculated move was a blatant taunt aimed at the very heart of the Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association’s pride.

Behold, acupuncture thusiasts from across the globe have chosen to apprentice under me, a mere outsider from Kepraria, rather than seek tutelage from you, the purported birthplace of acupuncture. How can you ownership of acupuncture when its disciples flock to me?

claim Unable to contain his rising fury, Axel retorted with a flushed face, his voice heavy with indignation, “Marley, your arrogance knows no bounds. My previous defeat was a mere lapse; dare you face me again?” Marley’s response was dismissive, his sneer laden with contempt. “A vanquished for has no standing to challenge me again,” he jeered.

His true motive soon became apparent as he revealed his intention to challenge the so–called Dr. Lund of Jadeborough, having heard tales of their unparalleled skill in acupuncture.

A hush fell over the crowd as Marley’s challenge echoed in the air, a challenge that bore an uncanny resemblance to past events.

History seemed poised to repeat itself, with Marley once again throwing down the gauntlet, much like: he had done years ago when he first humiliated Axel and, by extension, the entire association.

The tension was palpable as glances were exchanged, many eyes settling on Caylie with a mix of skepticism and resignation.

The disbelief in Caylie’s abilities was a bitter truth they all shared, rendering them speechless in the face of Marley’s provocation.

Can we not explain to Marley that it was just a misunderstanding?

Caught between a rock and a hard place, the Chanaeans feared that any attempt to clarify the situation would only be seen as cowardice, further tarnishing their reputation.

Reuben fixed Duncan with a look that conveyed a multitude of unspoken thoughts, his voice tinged 1/3 15:35 Fr. 2 Feb Build legendary robots!

Removed From The Equation with a blend of disappointment and reprimand. “Duncan, there was a time when I envisioned bestowing upon you a distinguished title within the ranks of our Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association, especially given your wealth of experience. But the path you’ve chosen to tread this time around has gone beyond acceptable limits”

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