Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 355

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 355-Acupuncture Lesson When Emrys was teaching Caylie acupuncture techniques, he took every opportunity to provide hands–on instruction. He believed that this approach would leave a deeper impression, allowing Caylie to intuitively feel the force, depth, and angle of needle insertion.

However, this hands–on teaching method resembled teaching a girl how to play billiards. It involved wrapping one’s arms around Caylie’s delicate waist from behind, extending a hand to the front, and guiding her hand to strike each ball, one by one.

Caylie’s figure was undeniably attractive, and every time she bent over, she unintentionally exposed parts of her body.

Although Caylie had long seen through Emrys‘ ulterior motives, she didn’t resist.

Throughout the process, her cheeks burned with embarrassment as she cooperated with Emrys‘ guidance.

In the midst of the lesson, Duncan suddenly barged in, saying, “Master Lund, L… Oh… You on. I’ll come back later.” днук сакты The renowned national physician tactfully excused himself from the acupuncture room. The younger generation certainly knows how to have fun. It seems my thinking has become outdated. In the future, I must diligently learn from Master Lund about new strategies to interact with girls.

The two people in the acupuncture room shared an awkward moment.

With her face flushed, Caylie managed to extricate herself from Emrys‘ embrace and reproachfully said. “It’s all your fault. You’re such a bad guy… Look, you’ve caused Mr. Rodriguez to misunderstand.” “Haha!” Emrys chuckled twice, then had no choice but to leave the acupuncture room.

Upon seeing him emerge, Duncan immediately asked with a teasing expression, “Teacher, you’re done so soon?” Emrys‘ face darkened instantly. He said, “What are you talking about? I was merely teaching Caylie acupuncture. You old geezer, why are your thoughts so inappropriate? You really need to reflect on yourself.” “Indeed… You’re right, Master Lund.” “What were you looking for me for earlier?” “Well, the president of Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association is visiting Apricot Hall tomorrow. He expressed his desire to meet the renowned Dr. Lund from Jadeborough.” Duncan was a master of traditional medicine, representing the traditional medicine field in Jazona. He was also a member of Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association.

Acupuncture Lesson 981%量 By then. Emrys reputation had spread far and wide throughout Jadeborough.

Naturally, Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association was interested in someone who could even make Duncan willingly become a disciple.

“Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association… After some thought, Emrys said.

“You know, I’ve never been fond of such scenes of fame and fortune. So, when the president of Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association arrives tomorrow, just tell him that Caylie is your master.

Jadeborough only needed one medical practitioner with such a reputation.

With Caylie’s medical skills, she fully deserved such recognition.

Therefore, Duncan had no objections to Emrys‘ suggestion.

However, Caylie was not pleased. She said, “What nonsense are you spouting.

Emrys? They came for you. How could you expect me to take your place?

Besides, I don’t particularly enjoy meeting those people either.” She simply wanted to quietly study acupuncture. She didn’t care at all about Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association.

Emrys said. “Caylie, you shouldn’t speak like that. The president of Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association is undoubtedly a leading authority in traditional medicine. If he could share some of his experiences with you, it would certainly be beneficial for you.” How could someone as gifted in medicine as Caylie remain unknown? Emrys couldn’t bear to endure it any longer.

Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the visit of Chanaea Traditional Medicine Association, he wanted to promote Caylie and let the people of Chanaea know that a medical prodigy named Caylie existed in the world.

Duncan also added. “Master Lund raises a valid point. The visitors tomorrow include not only the president of the Chanaca Traditional Medicine Association but also several prominent figures in the field of traditional medicine. For instance, Liam Chapman from the Earth Element Branch, Stanley Whitfield from the Warm Element Branch, Kingsley Salas from the Heat Element Branch, and the esteemed acupuncture master, Axel Hughes. Engaging with them will undoubtedly be highly beneficial.

“Will Mr. Hughes be attending as well?” Initially, Caylie was inclined to decline, but upon hearing the mention of the renowned acupuncture master, Axel Hughes, her interest was immediately piqued.

Axel was widely recognized as a prominent acupuncture master in Chanaca.

When Caylie first entered the realm of traditional medicine, she had come across his name. However, she had never had the opportunity to meet him.

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