Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 353

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 353-Ghost Clan In this moment, it was difficult to determine whether Diablos was experiencing joy or sorrow.

To his satisfaction, Emrys finally acknowledged the magnitude of his package.

However, the concern was that he was dying.


Diablos died while standing.

As he took his final breath, a peculiar dark fog emerged, tearing open from his back and seeping out.

The dark fog attempted to escape underground, just as it had done before.

Emrys gaze suddenly hardened, and he shouted, “Thinking of running away?

Come back here!” Drawing from his previous experience, Emrys was already prepared at this moment.

Therefore, as soon as the dark fog emerged, Emrys bravely took action. His palm was concentrated with a dazzling green sigil, which he directed towards the dark fog.

Yet, Karina suddenly rushed over and declared, “Let me handle this. I have the most experience dealing with such demonic entities.

After watching Emrys fight for a long time, she felt compelled to do something as well.

And so, wielding the Soul Searching Bell, she charged towards the eerie dark fog.

Emrys was about to mention that it was not an ordinary demonic item, but before he could speak, he saw the bell in Karina’s hand emit a dark gold glow. It had successfully bound the eerie dark fog.

“Huh? Karina, it seems your Soul Searching Bell truly possesses unique abilities!” Emrys exclaimed in surprise.

He remembered the first time he encountered this peculiar dark fog. Even True Sight couldn’t penetrate it, indicating that it was not an ordinary demonic item.

Unexpectedly, it was trapped by Karina’s bell.

Karina proudly puffed out her chest and declared, “Of course! Did you think I collected all these demonic magic items for nothing? My Soul Searching Bell is quite formidable, you know!” “Indeed, it’s amazing. You should quickly inquire about the origins of this object.” “Right!” F, 2 Feb War Robots Multiplayer Battles Ghost Clan Karina vigorously shook the bell, her little face adopting a fiercely cute expression as she demanded, “Little thing, reveal yourself. What exactly are you and where did you come from?” As she swung the Soul Searching Bell, the cluster of dark fog instantly began to dart around chaotically within the dark gold light barrier, appearing to be in extreme agony.


“Hurry up and confess! My arm is getting sore from all this shaking!” Ding!

Finally, the massive dark fog suddenly contracted, ultimately transforming into a face filled with unspeakable terror, complete with eyes and a nose. A voice of agony emanated from it. “Mount Jacaster… The ghost clan…” Mount Jacaster? Ghost clan? Emrys paused for a moment and asked, “What kind of place is Mount Jacaster?” “Speak up! Speak up! Oh, no… Karina vigorously shook the bell, but she suddenly let out a cry of surprise. Following that, the cluster of dark fog vanished with a loud bang, and the dark gold light also swiftly retracted back into the Soul Searching Bell.

“What’s wrong?” Emrys asked in confusion.

Karina said somewhat sheepishly. “Oops! I might have overdone it. The Soul Searching Bell mistook that little thing for energy and absorbed it.” Emrys was rendered speechless. What a scatterbrain!

Karina playfully stuck out her tongue and reassured, “Don’t worry, Mr. Lund, I’ll go ask Ms. Mystique. She will definitely know what place Mount Jacaster is.” “Are you able to find A–cup now?” Emrys asked.

“A–cup? What’s that?” “Your mentor, Ms. Mystique!” Emrys quickly corrected himself. He was simply too fixated on Mystique’s flat chest.

Karina confidently replied. “Certainly, I am capable of finding Ms. Mystique. She has a few regular hiding spots that I am familiar with. However, it is important to note that Ms. Mystique has explicitly instructed me not to disclose these locations to anyone else. Therefore, Mr. Lund, I regret to inform you that I cannot reveal them.” Emrys immediately expressed his disbelief, thinking to himself, What? A–cup is truly a coward, resorting to hiding places like a gopher? Can the mighty Heavenly Preserver Sect really stoop so low? How pitiful..

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