Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 350

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 350-Shameless Emrys chuckled and said, “Dare to lay a hand on my woman, and it won’t just be your sacred hall at risk. I wouldn’t hesitate to dig up your ancestral tombs,….

Oh, wait… I forgot that I’ve already dug up your ancestral tombs!” “Do you want to die?” Diablos was no fool. He could clearly see that Emrys was deliberately provoking him. He instantly let out an enraged roar, and as a result, a terrifying surge of blood energy erupted from within him. The long robe he had just put on was instantly shattered into fragments.

“Oh my! This person isn’t wearing any clothes. How shameless!”

Karina suddenly let out a shriek, hastily covering her eyes with her small hands, afraid that seeing too much would give her a stye.

Diablos was audacious in his ways. It was quite normal for him to be unclothed, as he typically immersed himself in a vat of blood for his cultivation practices.

Moreover, he was extremely proud of his physique.

Even in the presence of numerous sect members, he would shamelessly fool around with his concubines.

Unexpectedly, Emrys merely glanced at him indifferently, a playful smirk spreading across his face as he said, “Don’t embarrass yourself by showing off such an insignificant thing.” An insignificant thing? Diablos was momentarily taken aback, but he quickly realized Emrys was ridiculing his physique.

Men generally took such comments badly. After all, it was a matter of a man’s dignity.

Emrys’ words were clearly merciless. He had just disrespected Diablos.

D*mn it! Diablos cursed under his breath, his fists suddenly lashing out.

Wherever his fists reached, they conjured a terrifying phantom of a blood dragon, He was ferocious, ruthless, and bloody, “Ninth stage of energy cultivation?” Upon seeing Diablos make his move, Emrys also reined in the playful expression on his face, focusing a bit more intently, It wasn’t that he feared the other’s strength, but rather, the current leader of Sinister Spirit Sect standing before him was the first true cultivator opponent that Emrys had encountered.

That was an event truly worth commemorating.

Therefore, Emrys was prepared to take it seriously.

Subsequently, he activated his Nameless Divine Art.


Upon his fists, streams of life energy surged forth. However, his energy was dark green, much gentler compared to Diablos’ crimson life energy.

Emrys had suppressed his cultivation base to the ninth stage of energy cultivation.

He wanted to make a comparison, under the same stage, between his own Nameless Divine Skill and the opponent’s bloody martial arts technique, to determine which was stronger and which was weaker.

“You’re asking for death, brat!” Naturally, Diablos was unaware that Emrys had suppressed his cultivation base.

He assumed that, like him, they were both at the ninth stage of energy cultivation.

In the system of cultivators, at the same stage, the life energy of the demonic sect cultivators was generally more domineering and violent. Therefore, in terms of overall strength, the demonic sect cultivators were definitely stronger.

Diablos practiced, of course, the martial arts techniques of the demonic sect.

Otherwise, there would be no need for such an extensive use of fresh blood for his rituals.

By using the Blood Demonic Technique, he was confident he could shatter Emrys’ arm with a single punch.

In the blink of an eye, the fists of the two individuals collided.


With a thunderous bang, two distinct streams of life energy collided in a wild frenzy, casting out wave after wave of spectacularly brilliant sparks of energy.

However, the scent that filled the air following the explosion was far from pleasant.

That was the scent of blood that emanated after Diablos’ life energy had exploded.

It was extremely intense.

“Haha! Kid, as a cultivator yourself, don’t you understand the principle? Never engage in combat with a cultivator from the demonic sect when you’re at the same level,” Diablos chuckled maliciously.

However, in the next moment, his expression drastically changed.

In fact, he appeared horrified.

That was because he had witnessed an incredibly strange scene.

My crimson life force is being consumed! Consumed? How is this possible?

Diablos’ eyes widened in shock. He exclaimed, “Kid, what kind of martial arts technique have you been practicing?” If Diablos’ life force was being consumed, it meant that Emrys’ martial arts technique was even more powerful than Diablos’ Blood Demonic Technique.

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