Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 348

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 348-How Audacious 84%

+10 pearls Upon seeing Emrys rushing over, Ninette couldn’t help but say excitedly, “Rys, Rys, hurry up and teach these villains a lesson! They bullied me just now and even hurt Karina!” There was no need for her to say more. Emrys had already transformed into a terrifying god of death. The moment he abandoned his bike, his figure immediately turned into a blur as he dashed forward.

In the blink of an eye, he effortlessly defeated all the members of the Sinister Spirit Sect.

All the members of the Sinister Spirit Sect fell, leaving only Chrom standing in the end.

Emrys’ icy gaze fixed on him as he said, “You dare to bully my sisters? Who gave you such audacity?” As he spoke, he extended a finger, pointing it at Chrom’s chest.

Instantly, Chrom’s b*dy shuddered violently, his feet lifting off the ground as he was sent flying backward.


Wherever Chrom’s b*dy passed, a long trail of blood was left on the ground.

This young man’s strength is truly terrifying!

Chrom’s organs were destroyed after enduring only the force of a single finger from Emrys. He spat out blood and fell to the ground, barely clinging to life, his fighting ability completely lost.

Ninette stepped on the b*dy of a deceased member of the Sinister Spirit Sect and continuously spat on his face. She sneered, “You liked it when I spat on you, didn’t you? Well, I’m fulfilling your wish now. Pah! Pah! Pah!” Emrys uttered speechlessly, “Nina, please stop fooling around.” He pulled Ninette aside. Then, a flicker of flame emerged from his fingertips. He burned the corpses of the deceased members of the Sinister Spirit Sect to ashes.

Emrys glanced at the half-dead Chrom before turning to address the two beautiful ladies, “Stay safe at home. I’ll follow this member of the Sinister Spirit Sect to their hideout.” Karina said, “I’ll go with you. I want to dig up the grave of their former sect leader once more. Moreover, I know where the Sinister Spirit Sect is located.” “Aren’t you injured?” “It’s nothing serious. It’s just a minor injury. It doesn’t hurt at all. My Soul Searching Bell has been yearning for action,” Karina said, shaking the Soul Searching Bell in her hand.

How Audacious 42 +10 pearls She seemed to have a special obsession with collecting demonic magic items.

After some thought, Emrys said, “Since you already know the address, there’s no point in me keeping this person anymore.” After he finished speaking, he ruthlessly stomped on Chrom’s neck and reduced him to ashes in a fiery blaze.

Ninette exclaimed, “I want to go! I want to go, too!” “Why should you come along?” Emrys slapped Ninette’s petite buttocks. “Your gunshot wound hasn’t healed yet. You should stay at home obediently and not run around. Wait for us to come back.” Meanwhile, in the dimly lit grand hall of the Sinister Spirit Sect, a member rushed inward, tumbling and scrambling in his haste.

He cried out in alarm, “Mr. Sephiran, we have a problem! That tomb-raiding girl has broken into the old sect leader’s tomb again. She stole… No! She looted many of our demonic magic items!” Bang!

No sooner had his words fallen than a blood vat around the altar abruptly burst open, spilling dark red blood all over the ground.

Instantly, the stench of blood within the grand hall became even more pungent and unbearable.

Diablos, who emerged from the blood vat, was completely n*ked.

A terrifying aura of blood surrounded him, subtly forming the shape of a blood dragon. The dragon’s head was situated right at his chest, its appearance incredibly fierce, perfectly reflecting Diablos’ mood at that moment.

Rage burned within Diablos’ chest. How dare that tomb raider return? How audacious is she?

“Where are the people who were sent out?” Diablos sternly asked.

“I think they’re d-dead!” “They’re truly a bunch of useless individuals!” “Mr. Sephiran… It appears that there is a cultivator accompanying that young lady. The people who were recently assigned to guard the tomb were all killed by that cultivator!” “A cultivator?” Diablos paused for a moment, then said with a gloomy expression, “Hmph!

Such audacity. Today, I will uncover the background of that cultivator!” Sinister Spirit Sect’s tomb was not only a place to house the old sect leader’s corpse, but also the sect’s treasure trove.

It was one thing for the treasure trove to be raided once, but the audacity of the raider to return was astonishing. Furthermore, the nature of Karina’s crime had escalated. She was no longer stealing, but rather outright robbing.

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