Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 346

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 346-Jealous of Grace “She hid it so well! She never showed a hint of the truth in front of us. If I had known she was the Lewis family’s heiress, I wouldn’t have dared to say anything bad about her.” “We even treated her as a mistress. How could the Lewis family’s heiress be someone’s mistress? It’s such a joke.” “That’s the Lewis family. If they stomp their feet, the whole of Frenda will tremble. We’re just too different.”

Shirley felt a mix of emotions as she listened to her friends. Her father had cut off all of her credit cards because she had offended Grace and the Lewis family.

Now, it was difficult for her to get even a few hundred dollars.

“Enough. Stop talking about her,” she said angrily.

Several classmates looked at each other and fell silent.

“Shirley, shall we go take a look at the limited edition bag you told me about?” “Yeah, Shirley, I heard Chanel has a new perfume. I really want it.” Shirley couldn’t say she had no money, so she could only force herself to say, “Let’s go take a look, then.” Unexpectedly, when they reached the elevator, they were stopped. “Sorry, the mall is cleared today, and the second floor is temporarily not accessible.” Hearing that, the group instantly became displeased.

“Why was it cleared all of a sudden?’ “Yeah, we came all the way here to shop.” On the contrary, Shirley sighed in relief. She tried to comfort everyone. “It’s okay. Since we can’t shop, I’ll treat you all to afternoon tea.” They reluctantly agreed. “Okay. Let’s go to the nearby café. I heard they have new tea flavors, and they’re supposed to be quite good.” As they came to an agreement, they were about to leave.

At this moment, Grace was taking the elevator down. Blair, who was at the side, recognized her immediately. “Look, isn’t that Grace?” Everyone’s attention was instantly drawn to her. They saw Grace descending the elevator and saw that the mall’s manager was serving her very attentively.

wonder they cleared the area. It turns out Grace is shopping here.” “I’m so jealous. None of us have received such treatment, right?” They quickly abandoned Shirley and rushed toward Grace, smiling and saying, “Grace, what a coincidence to meet you here.” Are you shopping too? It’s really fate, “Grace, we were wrong before. We shouldn’t have targeted you. We hope you don’t mind. We’re classmates, after all. We hope you’ll be able to help us out in the future.” Shirley clenched her teeth and balled her hands into fists as she watched this scene unfold. Her eyes were filled with resentment for these opportunistic people.

This bunch of opportunists!

Grace stopped walking and looked at the hypocritical side of her so-called classmates. Indeed, in the face of money and power, everyone could put on a smiling face.

She was already used to it and said in a calm tone, “You guys enjoy your shopping. I’ll leave first.” The people waved goodbye to her with smiles. When she had disappeared from their sight, they still felt reluctant.

“The Lewis family’s heiress, indeed. She’s so forgiving.” “Right! We treated her so badly before, and she didn’t hold it against us.

Suddenly, I feel like I was too much in the past.

Listening to their words, Shirley couldn’t take it anymore. “Since Grace is so good, why don’t you follow her from now on?”

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