Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 343

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 343-Deliberate Provocation The next day was no different.

The third day was also the same.

But by the fourth day, Emrys couldn’t bear it any longer. Taking advantage of Ninette’s slumber, he gently moved her small hand aside and rose from the bed, making his way to the living room couch. There, he sat staring blankly at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Why is life so challenging?

It was unclear how much time had passed when a creak sounded, and Cordelia suddenly emerged from her bedroom, rubbing her eyes.

She had gotten up to use the bathroom, having drunk too much milk before going to bed the previous night.

“Huh? Why is the living room light on… Rys, what are you doing sitting on the couch so late at night? You really startled me!” Cordelia said, covering her trembling chest, her voice tinged with mild annoyance.

With a haggard expression, Emrys replied, “Delia, I can’t sleep. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for several nights now.” Cordelia paused for a moment, then let out a cold laugh, saying, “Can’t sleep? I thought you were enjoying yourself. With a stunning beauty like Ninette serving you in bed, how could you possibly have trouble sleeping?” She was well aware of Emrys’ predicament.

It was indeed torturous for him to have a beauty like Ninette right before his eyes, yet he couldn’t touch her.

If Ninette hadn’t slept next to him, it would have been better. At least he wouldn’t have had wild thoughts. However, Ninette insisted on sleeping while holding him. That would have been fine, but she also had a habit of randomly grabbing things in her sleep.

Who could possibly endure that?

Emrys complained, “Delia, why do I feel like you’re reveling in my misfortune?” “Setting aside the sentiment, I am indeed reveling in your misfortune. You deserve it. I think the martial arts technique you’ve been practicing is truly exceptional. It’s perfect for teaching you a lesson. You’re not exactly a eunuch, but you might as well be one. Haha!” Cordelia made no attempt to hide her emotions. She was utterly ruthless.

“You’re clearly just jealous,” Emrys suddenly said.

“What did you say?” Cordelia’s smile abruptly vanished, her beautiful eyes wide as she stared at Emrys.

Emrys also felt that he should stand up for himself this time. He couldn’t always succumb to Cordelia’s domineering influence. Therefore, he said, “Don’t think I can’t see through you. You’re just someone who is casily jealous. Every time I spend time with Lena, you have to interfere. If this isn’t jealousy, then what is it?

And this matter with Nina has been keeping me up at night, yet you revel in my misfortune. That too is a sign of jealousy. If my guess is correct, if it weren’t for the fact that Nina was injured, you would have certainly dragged her out of my room long ago. Delia, you have feelings for me that go beyond siblinghood.” After Emrys finished his well-grounded speech, the living room was immediately engulfed in silence.

The more silent it became, the more it proved that he had a firm grasp on Cordelia’s thoughts. Emrys looked at Cordelia with a sense of satisfaction. Who asked you to make fun of me? This time, I’ve exposed your inner thoughts to make you feel a bit of shame. Let’s see if you can still laugh. Hmph!

That matter was something that shouldn’t have been exposed.

When confronted by the man they fancied, most girls would probably feel flustered and panicked.

Especially for a woman like Cordelia, who appeared aloof on the outside but was strong-willed inside, being so blatantly exposed by Emrys would undoubtedly leave her feeling unbearably embarrassed.

Sure enough, a look of alarm flashed across Cordelia’s beautiful eyes.

However, she quickly regained her composure.

After spending a considerable amount of time with Emrys, she had developed a strong tolerance for his perverted behavior.

Cordelia fell silent for a moment before moving closer to Emrys, her delicate b*dy leaning in as she whispered into his ear, “I truly care for you. I wish we could be together right now However, we mustn’t jeopardize your cultivation.

What should we do?” Cordelia was clearly determined and unwilling to back down easily.

Knowing that Emrys could not afford to fail, she deliberately used this method to provoke him.

A tingling, ticklish sensation crept up Emrys’ ear, stirring an irresistible urge within him.

As he turned around, he found himself meeting Cordelia’s gaze directly.

Even at such close proximity, Emrys couldn’t find a single flaw on Cordelia’s face. It was as if her face was the most perfect masterpiece in the world.

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