Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 339

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 339-The Fist Versus The Door Suddenly, a muffled explosion resounded within a transparent laboratory module containing a martial artist from Venria. The individual inside was instantly transformed into a mist of blood, staining the entire chamber a vivid red.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Following that, the same fate befell several others, all dying from selfcombustion.

“Mr. Lund, they are conducting genetic experiments!” Elduin said gravely upon witnessing the


Emrys’ gaze hardened, his voice cold as he said, “It seems that Venria needs to feel some pressure. After destroying this research facility, accompany me to meet with their military.” Martial artists existed all around the world, but those from other nations paled in comparison to the formidable ones from Chanaca, especially those from Sky Devourer Palace. Their strength was so overwhelming that it struck fear into martial artists from other nations.

They attributed this power to the genes of those who possessed it.

If the genes of Chanaeans could be extracted and fused into the bodies of Venria’s martial artists, they could create the ultimate warrior.

That was the sole goal of the research facility.

However, everything was still in the experimental stage.

Setting aside whether this theory could ever become reality, the mere concept of genetic fusion alone was incredibly difficult to achieve.


As Emrys pondered, a sudden explosion echoed through the air. An experimental chamber burst open, and a martial artist from Venria emerged.

His hair had already been shaved off, not a single strand left on his entire b*dy.

“Hahaha, I’ve succeeded! My genetic modification is successful!” The martial artist from Venria was still oblivious to the situation outside. Bursting out of the laboratory module, he laughed heartily, chattering away in Venrian.

“Huh?” His laughter abruptly ceased.

Clearly sensing that something was amiss, he directed his gaze toward the two figures nearby.

pearls Instantly, he was so scared that he peed his pants.

“Sky… Sky Devourer Lord?” Before genetic modification, the most powerful martial artist in Venria only reached peak Manifestor. No one had managed to break through to Venerable Being, indicating that their martial arts genes were indeed inferior to those of Chanaca.

This martial artist from Venria, whose genes had been successfully modified, was no exception.

He underwent the experiment as a Manifestor. Upon emerging from the module, he had become a Venerable One.

Although he had broken free from the martial constraints of Venria, he was merely at the level of a Venerable Being. Now, upon encountering Sky Devourer Lord, it wasn’t surprising that he was scared out of his wits.

In an instant, the joy he felt turned into despair as he fled in panic.

However, before he could escape the laboratory, he was intercepted by Elduin.

After a brief battle, he was successfully slain by the latter.

Despite the victory, Emrys couldn’t bring himself to celebrate.

The fact that this martial artist from Venria was able to break through and become a Venerable Being indicated that the gene modification experiment was nearing maturity.

For Chanaea, it was not a good thing at all.

Upon reaching the metal door to the underground laboratory, Emrys paused for a moment. Then, channeling his life energy, he raised his fist and struck it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Surprisingly, it didn’t break open.

Meanwhile, the people in the basement were shivering with fear.

Despite his evident fear, Adelson still managed to reassure himself, saying, “It’s alright, it’s alright. This underground laboratory is constructed from an incredibly durable alloy, capable of withstanding eyen artillery fire. Sky Devourer Lord certainly won’t be able to break in!” Then there were several more booming sounds.

Indeed, it was extraordinarily sturdy.

Adelson couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Outside, Elduin asked, “Mr. Lund, should we invite the military personnel from Venria to blast open this massive metal door?” Emrys sneered, “There’s no need. I’m curious to find out which is tougher, this metal door or my fist.” He took a few steps back, preparing himself.

He unleashed the Nameless Divine Art with full force, channeling boundless power into his fists. In that instant, even the meridians within his b*dy seemed to awaken, resonating with a thunderous roar.

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