Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 336

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 336-Vengeance Before the man could finish speaking, Emrys shot up into the sky, towering above the rainforest like a hawk scanning for its prey.

With True Sight, nothing could escape his gaze.

Soon, he spotted several mercenaries lurking in the shadows.


Suddenly, Emrys transformed into a terrifying blur, swooping downward. He grabbed a mercenary by the neck, then soared back into the sky, tearing the mercenary into two halves mid-air.

A mist of blood showered the ground.

With an expressionless face, Emrys tore a man apart. Immediately after, he swooped down again, seizing another person and ripping him to shreds.

“Ah!” Gut-wrenching screams echoed through the rainforest canopy.

Elduin and the others looked up, peering through the gaps in the canopy. Upon seeing the cold and proud figure in the sky, they were filled with excitement.

They roared, “Mr. Lund! It’s Mr. Lund! He has arrived!” In contrast, the mercenaries from Venria were terrified.

It’s the Malevolent Deity, the invincible entity who stormed into the capital of Venria! He is here!

They knew they were in deep trouble.

“Ah!” “Ah!” Two more screams of agony rang out.

The mercenaries could only watch, wide-eyed, as their comrades were torn in half by the terrifying Malevolent Deity.

In an instant, their pupils contracted!


A gunshot echoed, a bullet spiraling at high speed towards the Malevolent Deity.

pearls This was a desperate shot from a mercenary overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, even though he knew it would be futile.

As expected, before the bullet could reach Sky Devourer Lord, it was deflected by a terrifying force. Then, Sky Devourer Lord dove towards the direction from which the bullet had been fired. If the next second, another mercenary was lifted into the air.

“Ah!” His b*dy was torn in two, transforming into a rain of blood that fell to the ground.

The remaining mercenaries were utterly terrified, wishing they could hide underground.

However, the carnage had already begun, and the scene was destined to end in tragedy.

Only after the last mercenary was torn apart did Emrys finally quell the rage-in his heart.

The air was now saturated with the pungent smell of blood. Mixed with the damp scent of the earth, it was enough to make one feel nauseous.

Later at Sky Devourer Southern Division, Ninette woke up in pain, her pretty face devoid of color. As she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar face looking at her with concern.

“Rys…” Ninette murmured softly.

Her mind was somewhat hazy.

Is this a dream? Am I dead? Could it be that the image of Rys before my eyes is just an illusion I conjure up before I pass away?

Reluctantly, Ninette reached out and caressed the familiar face. Choking back tears, she said, “Rys… I’m sorry. I’ve only just met you, and now I have to leave… I truly hate to part with you.” “Ninette, what are you talking about? You’re still alive, alive and well. As for those scoundrels who hurt you, I’ve already torn them all to shreds.” Seeing Ninette in this state, Emrys felt a pang of heartache.

“I’m still alive?” Ninette was taken aback for a moment.

That’s right! How could the dead feel pain?

Moreover, the face she was caressing felt so real and warm.

She sobbed, “Rys, I’m not dead. I thought I would never see you again in this lifetime…” Ignoring the pain in her shoulder, Ninette struggled to rise and flung herself into Emrys’s embrace, succumbing to uncontrollable sobs.

Emrys, too, trembled with emotion.

In that moment, Ninette appeared delicate and vulnerable, eliciting profound pity from anyone who laid eyes upon her.

How could those monsters have the audacity to commit such atrocities?

“Ninette, everything will be alright now. I promise I will never allow anyone to harm you again. If anyone dares to hurt you, I will dismantle them and consign them to the depths of hell,” Emrys reassured her.

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