Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 327

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 327-Sis Karina With a playful chuckle, Karina proceeded to collect some of the crystal-clear water nearby, using it to gently dab her face. After several attempts, she managed to cleanse her face, revealing her true beauty, which radiated with a mesmerizing glow.

Emrys, momentarily speechless, finally found the words to express his thoughts, “It’s truly astonishing. You possess such natural beauty, and yet you seem determined to hide it beneath a layer of dirt… Wait, did you just mention tomb raiding?”

It took a moment for the seriousness of Karina’s earlier statement to sink in, but when it did, Emrys couldn’t hide his astonishment. “Karina, that’s incredibly reckless of you! To think you would go as far as to disturb someone’s final resting place?” “Disturb? Oh, come on, Rys, you’ve got it all wrong,” Karina replied, her expression a mix of frustration and disbelief. “The tombs I explore have long been forgotten, with no one to claim them. I’m not there to disrupt the peace; I’m simply searching for demonic magic items…” Clearly annoyed, Karina paused, as if a sudden realization had struck her. “Wait a second, didn’t your mentor ever take you on a tomb exploration?” “My mentor?” Emrys found himself utterly confused by Karina’s strange question, almost convinced that she was delving into absurdity.

But Karina quickly clarified, “Yes, your teacher, Athos. And mine is Mystique.

Given their mentor- student relationship, doesn’t that make Athos my senior?” “Uh…” At that moment, Emrys felt as though his mind had been engulfed by a whirlwind of confusion.

He vaguely remembered the old friar mentioning that his spiritual name was indeed Athos, but Emrys had always assumed that his mentor was a solitary sect leader.

Karina’s revelation, however, painted a very different picture, one that Emrys had never considered.

“I need a moment to process this…” Emrys took a deep breath, attempting to calm the storm of emotions within him. After regaining his composure, he ventured, “So, what you’re suggesting is that we are actually part of the same spiritual lineage, and by that logic, you would be my junior in the sect?” Emrys took another deep breath, trying to suppress the shock in his heart. It took him a while before he spoke again, “You mean to say, we actually belong to the same sect, and you… in terms of seniority, are my junior?” Seriously? My older sister is my junior?

pearls With a nod of confirmation, Karina affirmed, “Exactly.” Regaining his composure, Emrys playfully tapped Karina on the forehead, a hint of jest in his voice as he said, “Well then, shouldn’t you address me with a bit more respect, as Mr. Lund?” Expecting a retort, Emrys was taken aback when, instead, Karina assumed a formal posture, her hands clasped before her as she respectfully greeted, “My regards to you, Mr. Lund.” Her voice, clear and melodious, carried the tranquility of a secluded mountain retreat, the soothing sound reminiscent of wind chimes dancing in the breeze.

Never had Emrys imagined that a day would come when the roles would be reversed, and he would find himself in a position of seniority over Karina.

Wow, this is quite exhilarating!

“Give it another try, I want to hear it again.” “Hello, Mr. Lund.” “One more time, let’s hear it.” Karina, momentarily taken aback by Emrys’s request, quickly responded with a mix of disbelief and irritation in her voice, “Rys, are you actually trying to provoke me on purpose? Remember, I’m still the older sister here!” A flicker of irritation crossed Karina’s otherwise serene face as she defiantly placed her hands on her hips, her patience evidently wearing thin. “Alright then, it’s your turn,” she declared, her voice challenging. “I want to hear you say ‘Sis Karina’ fifty times, and I mean it!” Caught off guard by Karina’s assertive response, Emrys’ previous air of smugness instantly disappeared, serving as a reminder that every action had consequences.

Dutifully, Emrys complied, repeating “Sis Karina” the requested fifty times, his voice conveying a mix of respect and resignation. Once finished, he cautiously ventured, “So, Karina, were you aware all this time that I was still alive?” Karina nodded, her expression softening. “Yes, my mentor informed me,” she confirmed. “But I was sworn to secrecy, instructed not to utter a word of it to anyone, not even to our sisters. That’s why I’ve kept it a secret all this time!” A wave of understanding and relief washed over Emrys, soothing the lingering doubts that had plagued his mind.

So, it wasn’t that Karina had become indifferent towards me, Emrys pondered, feeling reassured. She had known about my survival all along, which explains the lack of overwhelming surprise or excitement upon our reunion.

Eager for answers, Emrys pressed on, his curiosity undiminished. “Karina, you mentioned our affiliation with a sect. Could you tell me its name? Where can it be found? And most importantly, do you have any idea where my mentor might be at this moment?” The questions tumbled out in rapid succession, each one reflecting the deep yearning Emrys felt to unravel the mysteries that seemed to surround his very existence.

Ever since I returned to Jadeborough, I’ve been entangled in a web of enigmas, each more perplexing than the last. It seems that reconnecting with my mentor holds the key to unraveling these puzzles.

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