Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 320

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 320-The Protection Of The Empyrean Lord +10 pearls The focus of this series of events had shifted from the martial arts tournament to the judgment of Emrys and the Ginger family.

However, when the guardian arrived, surprisingly, he did not come to announce the fate of the Ginger family. Instead, he declared the results of the martial arts tournament, instantly drawing everyone’s attention back to the original starting point.

Everyone wore a look of bewilderment.

Emmett was no different.

At that moment, the authoritative voice of Acilio resonated, “After careful deliberation by the Drieso Martial Arts Alliance, the final result of this duel, which concerns the fate of both families, is that the Ginger family has emerged victorious. The Houghton family is hereby ordered to surrender ninety percent of their family assets within three days and leave Juxshire. Failure to comply will result in severe sanctions from the Drieso Martial Arts Alliance.”/ Once this result was revealed, the atmosphere fell still.

Everyone wore a stunned expression, seemingly yet to recover from the massive turn of events.

Emmett was stunned for quite a while, his silver hair suddenly trembling as he said, “Mr. Renaldi, do you mean to say that our Ginger family will not be subjected to any sanctions? And that we can even acquire ninety percent of the Houghton family’s assets?” Acilio nodded and said, “Yes, that’s right!” Everyone’s mind went blank.

When they first heard the verdict announced by Acilio, they thought they had misheard. However, Acilio nodded for the second time, giving a definitive confirmation, which meant they hadn’t misheard.

Not only did the Ginger family avoid any sanctions, but they also seized ninety percent of the Houghton family’s assets. This further solidified the Ginger family’s unshakeable position as the dominant power in Juxshire!

What was happening?

A wave of shock and awe surged in everyone’s hearts.

Emmett asked incredulously, “Mr. Renaldi, what is going on? Could you please explain it to me detail?” He was nearing seventy and could hardly withstand such intense stimulation, akin to a roller coaster ride.

pearls Who would have known that upon hearing his words, Acilio’s expression became incredibly strange. He wondered whether Emmett genuinely didn’t know or was merely pretending to be ignorant. It was clear that the Empyrean Lord was their backer, yet he was asking him what was going on?

With the protection of the Empyrean Lord, the Ginger family would still be a dominant presence even if they moved to Jipsdale, let alone here in Juxshire.

Acilio was feeling conflicted. Naturally, he dared not speak carelessly. All he responded was, “The Ginger family has the assistance of a powerful figure.” A powerful figure… Realization dawned on Emmett that it had to be Emrys.

Previously, when Emrys had mentioned he was going to meet with the chief of the Drieso Martial Arts Alliance, he had reassured Emmett that the latter need only wait at the Ginger residence in peace, asserting that no one would dare to lay a finger on the Ginger family.

There, apart from Emrys, it could be no one else!

However, who exactly is Mr. Lund that he managed to make the Martial Arts Alliance bow their heads?It’s truly terrifying!

Emmett’s emotions were a mix of excitement and shock. Judging by the expression on Acilio’s face, it was clear that he had no intention of revealing Emrys’ identity. Otherwise, he would have done so already.

It seemed that the only way to find the answer was to go to Jazona and ask Lydia.

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Emmett was overcome with emotion, tears of gratitude streaming down his aged face. He said, “The Martial Arts Alliance has discerned right from wrong, standing up for justice on behalf of our Ginger family. I express my deepest gratitude to the esteemed members of the Martial Arts Alliance and to Mr. Lund!” It truly was a roller coaster of events!

w The onlookers were utterly astonished. Soon, Robert, the ancestor of the Houghton family, rose to his feet and objected, “Mr. Renaldi, I protest!” “Your objections futile!” “I object” “Your objection is futile!” “I… I wish to meet your chief! I cannot allow my grandson, Travis, to die in vain!

I will ensure that the murderer pays for his crime with their own blood!” Robert bellowed in fury.

Travis was the Houghton family’s beacon of hope. However, he was slain by Emrys. Yet, the The Protection … Martial Arts Alliance seemed to have turned a blind eye, completely disregarding the incident.

As if that weren’t enough, the Houghtons were even expected to surrender ninety percent of their assets to the Ginger family.

How could Robert not be enraged?

He felt as though his anger was about to make his lungs explode.

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