Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 315

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 315-I Have Brought Him Here The Ginger family was in grave danger!

The law-enforcers had departed, and Emrys had also left. However, the crowd remained, showing no signs of dispersing.

They awaited the verdict, as the Martial Arts Alliance would soon decide Emrys’ fate.

Elliot, his face pale, pleaded, “Callum, let’s escape from Juxshire. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a dungeon!”

“Do you think I do? We have offended the Martial Arts Alliance. Do you truly believe it will be easy to escape?” Upon hearing Callum’s words, everyone in the Ginger family felt a sense of despair and secretly cursed Emrys incessantly.

It’s all because of that cursed fellow!

At the Drieso Martial Arts Alliance, the roundtable meeting had already concluded.

Monaldo and Larissa exited side by side, still discussing the matter of the mutant when they suddenly saw Theseus rushing back with a group of lawenforcers. His face was filled with anger and frustration.

Monaldo furrowed his brows, asking, “Mr. Petrakis, we were in the midst of an urgent meeting just now. Why were you absent for so long? And why did you take away so many law-enforcers?” Theseus strode up to Monaldo and said, “Mr. Scarpelli, I have encountered an individual far more dangerous than any mutant. I believe he should be classified as a class SSS wanted criminal.” “A class SSS wanted criminal?” Both Monaldo and Larissa were taken aback.

Monaldo’s expression noticeably darkened as he said, “A class SSS arrest warrant is the highest level of warrant issued by the Chanaea Martial Arts Alliance. It is not something that can be issued casually with just a word. It requires approval from the Alliance Headquarters. Who is this person?” Even the most ruthless mutants were merely classified as class S wanted criminals. A class SSS wanted criminal was an entity that was ten, even a hundred times more ferocious than the mutants!

Monaldo had no choice but to be cautious.

Theseus said, “He is a cultivator at the Venerable Being stage.” pearls “What? A Venerable Being stage cultivator?” As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was taken aback, including Monaldo. His tone was extremely serious as he asked, “What is going on?

Explain in detail.” “Today was supposed to be a martial arts tournament between the Houghton family of Juxshire and the Ginger family. However, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere, openly disrupting the order. Without a word, he killed Travis Houghton, showing no regard for the Martial Arts Alliance. He even boasted about destroying the Martial Arts Alliance.” Theseus added fuel to the fire as he spoke.

“Destroying the Martial Arts Alliance? Hmph, such audacity! Does he truly believe that being a Venerable One gives him the right to act recklessly?” Monaldo roared in anger.

Although according to Theseus’ account, Emrys had only killed Travis, which wasn’t particularly brutal, the audacious claim of wanting to destroy the Martial Arts Alliance was indeed the greatest provocation toward the Alliance!

Combine that with Emrys’ formidable cultivation, and it was not outrageous to issue a class SSS arrest warrant.

Monaldo declared, “Wait here. I will immediately contact the Jipsdale Martial Arts Alliance Headquarters and request them to dispatch a few Venerable Beings to apprehend that arrogant miscreant!” “Mr. Scarpelli, I have already brought him here.” “You brought him over?” Monaldo was taken aback, his face immediately showing a hint of suspicion. If things were as Theseus had said, and the other party was indeed a Venerable One, could Theseus, with his limited abilities, really have apprehended him?

There is something suspicious going on here… Monaldo was also an intelligent man. He asked pointedly, “Mr. Petrakis, if I recall correctly, Travis was your student, right?” He had roughly deduced what was happening.

Why would this esteemed individual disrupt the martial arts tournament without any apparent reason?

Theseus’ words were filled with contradictions.

Theseus’ expression subtly shifted.

Upon observing his expression, Monaldo knew that his deduction had been accurate. However, as the man was his subordinate, Monaldo could only pretend to be unaware and inquired, “Then where is this esteemed individual?

Didn’t you say you brought him here?” Theseus glanced behind him.

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