Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 313

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 313Venerable One @K 86%

+10 pearls It was a casual remark, but it caused a sudden change in Theseus’ complexion.

His voice filled with shock and fear as he exclaimed, “How can there be such a terrifying aura? Could it be that you are a Venerable One?” A Venerable One, also known as a Venerable Being, represented a powerful existence that held a higher rank than a Manifestor grandmaster.

Emrys had simply let out a light shout, yet it left everyone trembling, their blood surging with overwhelming energy. Even Theseus, who was a Manifestor, found himself unable to move.

Theseus believed that only a Venerable One could exude such an intimidating aura, but he couldn’t believe how young Emrys was. Could a Venerable One be so young?

The shock in Theseus’ heart was so intense that it felt like his heart would burst.

“Did you not hear me? Are you Mr. Petrakis?” Emrys spoke again, his voice as calm as ever. Despite no change in his tone, it once again caused Theseus to tremble violently, as if his breath was about to stop at that very moment.

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Theseus responded, “I… I am Theseus Petrakis, the guardian of the Drieso Martial Arts Alliance!” “Was Travis your mentee?” Emrys asked again.

“Yes…” “Did your personal bias play a part in this martial arts tournament between the Ginger and Houghton families?” Emrys asked again.

“Yes…” Under the powerful aura of Emrys, Theseus, the dignified guardian of the Martial Arts Alliance, seemed as if he had been scared witless. Whatever Emrys asked, he would answer without hesitation. It was as if, at that moment, Theseus had become the wanted criminal, and Emrys had assumed the role of the judge.

The scene was extraordinarily eerie.

The crowd that had previously been repelled by Emrys’ terrifying aura did not dare to approach, However, each one of them was all ears, eavesdropping.

Everyone’s faces turned peculiar when they heard the conversation between the two of them.

Although they had speculated when Soren stated that Travis was Theseus’ mentee, that this duel was definitely influenced by Theseus’ favoritism, the meaning was entirely different when it came from Theseus’ own mouth.

Venerable One +10 pearls After a moment of stunned silence, Theseus also realized the problem. His face suddenly changed, and he asked, “Brat, what kind of evil magic have you used on me?” He was embarrassed to the point of anger, wanting to attribute the words he had just spoken to Emrys’ use of evil magic, using this as a cover for his past actions.

Emrys shook his head in disappointment and said, “You really are audacious, aren’t you?” Bang!

The moment his words fell, a lightning-fast kick brutally landed on Theseus’ abdomen, forcing him to kneel on the ground, grimacing in pain.

The crowd around had already turned to stone.

They had never seen such a bold person before, someone who even dared to attack the guardian of the Martial Arts Alliance. Did he really believe that he could confront the Chanaea Martial Arts Alliance solely with his own strength?

Emmett had just managed to get up from the doorstep when he saw Emrys’ actions, nearly stumbling in fright once again.

Callum, Elliott, and others also followed suit, supporting Emmett. However, Emrys’ actions made their expressions even more unsightly, filled with shock and fear. This disaster just keeps getting worse! Is he going to attack the chief of the Martial Arts Alliance next?

The members of the Ginger family dared not think any further.

With a fearful expression, Callum hurriedly approached the group of law enforcers from the Martial Arts Alliance, kneeling before them. In a trembling voice, he pleaded, “Gentlemen, this matter has absolutely nothing to do with the Ginger family. It was all orchestrated by this individual named Lund. He is solely responsible for everything. I implore you to forgive the Ginger family!” Emmett bellowed in rage, “You worthless creature! Such a coward! How could I, Emmett, have a son like you?” “Dad, no matter how much you criticize me, label me a coward, or accuse me of ingratitude, I must make my position clear today. Our family has no association whatsoever with this individual. Everything that occurred before was due to our deception by him. We are victims as well!” “Indeed! Callum is correct, Dad. You cannot jeopardize our entire family for the sake of a minor sense of justice. We truly have no connection whatsoever with this individual.

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