Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 306

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 306-The Cheater Alastair narrowed his eyes and remarked, “Youngster from the Houghton family, you truly lack martial virtue. It’s disappointing to see you resort to such dirty tactics, attempting to plot against and ambush an old man like me.” Upon hearing these words, the members of the Houghton family felt even more humiliated.

At the same time, everyone also felt that this Martial Arts Alliance minister was impressive. He truly upheld a fair and just attitude in presiding over this martial arts tournament.

In other words, he deserved praise.

However, what they didn’t know was that at that moment, when Soren was getting close to Travis, he reprimanded Travis softly, “Foolish!” Then, while confiscating the poison needle, he slipped something into Travis’ hand and lowered his voice to say. “The drug only lasts ten minutes. Within that time, finish the fight.” Naturally. Travis understood those words and silently tightened his grip on the object in his hand.

After completing all of that, Soren declared, “Travis, if you dare to use such despicable tactics. again, next time I will declare you the loser straight away. Let the martial arts tournament resume!

With that, the martial arts tournament resumed, Meanwhile, Travis seized the opportunity as he wiped his mouth, stuffing the object in his hand. into his mouth and swallowing it down. Instantly, a surge of power erupted within him like a volcanic explosion, bursting out wildly Snap!

With a sudden surge of strength, Travis’ clothes burst apart, revealing a b*dy full of muscular bulges. They looked like bricks stacked together, with each muscle seemingly containing a terrifying power.

I “Alastair, I forgot to mention that, in fact, I also reached the peak of Manifestor a few days ago. was just suppressing my cultivation base earlier, merely toying with you!” Travis declared.


The aura around Travis suddenly erupted, and indeed, as he had claimed, the fierce energy he released was truly the energy of a peak Manifestor.

At this point, everyone was thoroughly shocked. Travis has actually managed to break through to the peak of Manifestor! This is truly astonishing!

They were unaware that those were merely empty words from Travis.

The pill that Soren gave him could elevate his cultivation base to the peak of Manifestor within. ten minutes, after which its effects would completely dissipate.

However, given the same level of cultivation base, Travis could defeat Alastair in just ten minutes.

Travis didn’t waste any time, either. After a loud shout, he charged straight toward Alastair. This time, his offensive was much more ruthless than before, and the power that burst forth from his internal energy was extremely ferocious.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After exchanging a few moves, the two initially seemed evenly matched.

However, it wasn’t long before Alastair began to falter. After all, he was nearing a hundred years old, and his physical condition was certainly not as robust as that of Travis, who was in his prime.

As it turned out, age still played an important role.

The Ginger family had not yet recovered from their previous excitement when they heard Travis that he, too, was at a peak Manifestor. Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat, filled with a vague sense of foreboding.

say At this moment, seeing Alastair gradually losing ground, they became even more anxious and apprehensive.

Emrys stood among the people of the Ginger family, his brows slightly furrowed.

He clearly knew that Travis’ previous cultivation base was merely at the late stage of Manifestor. It was nothing like Travis had claimed. Did he say he suppressed his cultivation base? So, what’s the deal with this sudden surge of strength?

Emrys silently activated his True Sight.

Travis’s veins and bones appeared before Emrys as if they were transparent, clearly visible. The internal energy surging within Travis is more violent than that of a normal martial artist. That means he’s on drugs!

Emrys had a clear understanding of Travis’s situation. After contemplating for a moment, he shifted his gaze towards Soren, who embodied principles of fairness and justice. What an impressive performance!

Suddenly, a loud boom echoed through the air.

On the stone platform, Alastair finally reached his breaking point. He staggered back several steps, Kis energy instantly depleted by Travis’s powerful punch.

Infuriated by his previous defeat to Alastair, Travis saw this as an opportunity to seek revenge with uncontrolled fury. He relentlessly attacked Alastair, throwing punch after punch without giving him a moment’s respite.

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