Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 301

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 301- Alastair’s Laughter The day after tomorrow marked the martial arts tournament with the Houghton family, a major crisis for the Ginger family. The atmosphere in the Ginger household was filled with gloom and despair, as victory seemed incredibly difficult to achieve.

Suddenly, Alastair burst into an ecstatic laughter, leaving the uninformed crowd bewildered. It appeared as though Alastair had been provoked and gone mad!

Alastair even claimed that heaven blessed the Ginger family, though everyone believed it was more like heaven was out to destroy them.

The Ginger family, who had initially held little hope, were now in despair.

Everyone rushed towards the backyard, but hesitated to enter without Alastair’s approval Emmett had also arrived.

A middle-aged man asked, “Dad, what happened to Grandpa?” The middle-aged man, named Callum, was Emmett’s eldest son and a crucial pillar of the Ginger family’s middle generation.

Emmett did not answer the question. Instead, he commanded, “All of you wait here. No one is allowed to disturb him.” As he spoke, his voice trembled and his face filled with excitement. This caused a shudder in the hearts of Callum and the others. They couldn’t understand why their father wore such a joyous expression.

Emmett paid no attention to the younger members of the family and stepped into the backyard. with excitement. Emrys followed closely behind. However, as soon as he took a step. Callum angrily shouted, “What are you doing… Huh?

You’re not from our Ginger family, are you?” Their attention had been focused on the backyard, so they hadn’t noticed Emrys, who had been following Emmett. Only now did they realize that this was a face they didn’t recognize.

Before Emrys could speak, Emmett turned around and shouted, “Insolence?

You must not disrespect Mr. Lund!” Mr. Lund? Everyone in the Ginger family wore looks of utter confusion.

They couldn’t understand why Emmett was referring to a young man with such respect.

Before their confusion could be clarified, Emmett had already respectfully addressed Emrys. “Please come in, Mr. Lund. My father must be very eager to see you right now.” Emrys nodded and followed Emmett into the backyard, leaving the younger generation of the Ginger family dumbfounded.

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Chapter 301 Alastair’s… +10 pearls Elliott, the second son of the Ginger family, said, “Callum, both grandfather and father seem so excited. Do you think it could be because grandfather has made a breakthrough in his cultivation?” As those words were spoken, everyone in the Ginger family shuddered.

Based on the situation, it seemed that only such a possibility could have excited both Emmett and Alastair. Could it be that they had both gone mad at the same time?

Cynthia also remarked, “I think Elliott makes a lot of sense. Earlier, when I was in the main hall, I overheard our father say that he would definitely make those people regret this time. He showed immense confidence in this upcoming martial arts tournament.” Upon hearing those words, everyone took a deep breath. If it was indeed true, then it was truly a blessing from the heavens for the Ginger family. If Alastair had managed to make a breakthrough just two days before the martial arts tournament, then the Ginger family would be saved.

In the backyard at that moment, Alastair, his face flushed with excitement, had already dashed out of the room.

Indeed, as Emmett had said, Alastair was eager to meet Emrys and express his gratitude. Without Emrys’ assistance, it would have been impossible for Alastair to reach the peak of Manifestor at such a critical juncture.

“Mr. Lund, please allow me to show my gratitude once again!” The moment Alastair saw Emrys, he immediately rushed to his side.

He bowed deeply to express his profound gratitude.

Emrys shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that. This is all the result of your own hard work. If it weren’t for your years of diligent effort, it wouldn’t be possible for you to reach the pinnacle of Manifestor just because of this one painting of mine.” That was an unexpected turn of events for Emrys, something he hadn’t anticipated prior to his arrival. To his surprise, Alastair had been stuck at that cultivation level for many years.

Alastair respectfully wid, “Mr. Lund, please don’t say that. If it weren’t for your guidance, I don’t know how long I would have remained stagnant.” Emrys chuckled and asked, “Do you still need me to intervene and compete with Travis on your behalf?”

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