Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 297

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 297-Meeting Alastair Emmett’s expression subtly hardened upon hearing Emrys‘ words.

Unconsciously, he took a step back, unaware of his own actions, Suddenly, an aged voice echoed from the backyard. “Bring him to see me.” It was Alastair, Emmett’s father and the grandmaster of the Ginger family.

The person Alastair referred to was Emrys, naturally.

Emmett dared not defy his father’s wishes. Regaining his composure, he said, “Come with me to meet my father.”

“No ‘please‘?” Emrys showed no kindness towards him.

Emmett’s lips twitched as he added, “Please come with me to meet my father.” “That’s more like it.” Stefan coldly snorted and said, “Since you distrust me so much, you have no right to call yourself my long–time friend. It’s like not being able to recognize a kind–hearted man. Let’s go, Damarion!” The two left the Ginger residence, their spirits burdened by gloom.

Emrys followed Emmett to the serene backyard of the Ginger residence.

This was a place where Alastair usually practiced his skills and nurtured his spirit. No one dared to disturb him without his permission, not even Emmett.

Inside a chamber in the backyard, Alastair sat cross–legged on the bed. The martial arts tournament with the Houghton family was in two days, and he needed to be in his best condition.

He heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

Alastair’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, revealing a flash of sharpness.

It was hard to believe that such a gaze belonged to someone nearing a hundred years old.

Indeed, he was still in his prime.

Alastair scrutinized Emrys with his sharp gaze, but couldn’t see through him at all. A hint of surprise appeared on his face. Then, he turned to Emmett and said, “Emmett, you should apologize to this young man immediately!” Emmett didn’t dare to object. He could only speak to Emrys in a gentle manner, “Emrys, I have a quick temper. I may have offended you with my words earlier.

Please don’t take it to heart.” Emrys glanced at him and said, “You’re nearly seventy years old. You should learn to act more mature.” Emmett, having lived to such an old age, was for the first time told by a twenty– year–old that he wasn’t Chapter 297 Meeting Alastair mature enough. It felt strange to him.

A hint of amusement appeared on Alastair’s face as he said, “Young man, I heard you mention earlier that you were entrusted by my granddaughter, Lydia, to help our Ginger family overcome this crisis. Is that correct?” Emrys nodded and laughed. “Old man, you’re quite aged, but your hearing is still impressive.” Upon hearing those words, Emmett, who was standing to the side, broke out in a cold sweat. This Emrys was truly audacious. No one has ever dared to address myfather as an old man in this place.

However, Alastair was not angry. Instead, he looked at Emrys with interest and asked, “What I’m curious about is, how do you plan to help our Ginger family overcome this crisis?” Emrys gave a mysterious smile, then turned to Emmett and instructed, “Go fetch me a calligraphy set.” “No need, I have it here.” Alastair took out a calligraphy set from his bookcase.

Handing it to Emrys, he asked, “So, are you planning to create a painting to dissuade the Houghton family?” “You will soon find out, sir. Please turn around for now. And you, ignorant old man, should also turn around. I wouldn’t want to blind you in an instant.” Emmett was so furious that his nose almost twisted, but when he considered the presence of an older person keeping him in check, he could only suppress his anger.

Emrys painted quickly.

Throughout the process, Emmett wore a discontented expression.

On the other hand, Alastair was more curious. He couldn’t comprehend why Emrys had come here to paint a picture.

However, since Emrys had instructed them to wait until it was finished before looking, they naturally wouldn’t stoop to sneak a glance.

It was probably about fifteen minutes later when Emrys completed his painting.

Putting down the ink brush in his hand, he declared, “It’s finished. You can all come and admire my masterpiece now. However, I would advise that old man not to look. Otherwise, he may truly go blind.”

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