Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 295

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 295-Going To Juxshire It must be acknowledged that cultivation truly depends on one’s natural talent.

Perhaps the path of cultivation is simply not suitable for Jacqueline.

However, Jacqueline is not willing to give up.

Emrys didn’t want to say too much, fearing that it might undermine her confidence. All he could do was wait, hoping that with time, she would gradually give up on her own.

In the blink of an eye, the day for the martial arts tournament between the Ginger family and the Houghton family was fast approaching.

Lydia found Emrys and said, “Good nephew, get ready. We are about to set off for Juxshire.” Emrys simply smiled and said, “No need to worry. I can handle this trip alone.

I’ve already made arrangements with Stefan. Once I arrive in Juxshire, I’ll first pay a visit to the Cooper family.” After a period of treatment, Stefan’s leg injury had significantly improved, and there was no longer a need for such frequent acupuncture sessions. From then on, he only needed to visit Caylie for acupuncture once a month.

Hence, the Cooper family and their group had already returned to Juxshire ahead of time.

Upon hearing his words, Lydia was confused as she asked, “Are you going alone?” The Ginger family was in trouble. It was somewhat indefensible that she, a direct member of the Ginger family, didn’t step in. Instead, they had Emrys, someone who had never had any contact with the Ginger family, come to their aid.

What Lydia didn’t know was that what she considered a big deal was, in Emrys‘ eyes, as simple as flipping his hand. There was absolutely no need for such a fuss. It was just like when he dealt with Skorpios, riding his old–fashioned bike all the way to Jazona. It didn’t take much time at all.

Having such a convenient mode of transportation was truly exhilarating for him.

Emrys said, “Ms. Ginger, didn’t you say it yourself before? You and your father have been at odds for so many years, both holding onto this grudge. When I go to Juxshire this time and resolve the issue, your father will surely take the initiative to swallow his pride and apologize to you.” Listening to that, Lydia was deeply moved. “Emrys, how wonderful it would be if you really became my son–in–law!” Two days before the martial arts competition began.

A trace of terror, a lingering shadow, swept from Jazona straight toward Juxshire.

my Emrys gazed at the magnificent landscape beneath his feet, a hint of a smile playing on his lips. “Who needs airplanes or high–speed trains? Isn’t it wonderful to ride a bicycle and appreciate the beauty of our motherland?” He sped straight down the road.

Chapter 295 Going To Juzshun Following the address giver, by Stefan, he arrived at the Cooper residence.

From a distance, he could see several figures respectfully waiting.

Stefan was also among them, leaning on his cane, personally standing at the door to welcome them.

Upon seeing Emrys riding a bicycle toward them, everyone was slightly taken aback. However, they didn’t dwell on it much, assuming that he had found a bicycle to ride after getting off the plane.

No wonder Emrys said there was no need to pick him up at the airport, they thought.

Stefan and the others probably couldn’t even dream that Emrys had ridden his bicycle all the way here from Jazona. His speed was much faster than if he had taken a plane.

“Dr. Lund, you must be weary from your long journey. Please, come in quickly, We have prepared a welcome to help you shake off the dust of the road,” Stefan hurriedly greeted with a smile.

Emrys nodded. “I’ll leave my bike here for the next couple of days. As for your arrogant grandson, have him come out and clean my beloved bicycle from top to bottom.” “Got it. Mason, you mischievous little one, come over here quickly,” Stefan called out loudly from outside the house. “Assist Dr. Lund in cleaning his bicycle, and make sure there’s not a speck of mud left on it!” Mason rushed out with a sorrowful expression on his face. The moment he spotted Emrys, he couldn’t help but shrink back, instinctively feeling a sense of fear.

After having dinner at the Cooper residence, Emrys accompanied Stefan to the Ginger residence.

Stefan and Emmett used to be business partners, and they had a strong bond.

However, due to matters involving the Houghton family, their communication had become less frequent.

After all, it involved the fortunes of their families. During that delicate period, most of the wealthy families in Juxshire chose to adopt a cautious approach. If the Cooper family appeared too close to the Ginger family, they feared they might face difficulties in the future if the Ginger family were to truly fall from grace.

Stefan had no choice but to be careful.

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