Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 290

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 290-Truth In reality, ever since he saw Emrys yesterday, he had harbored hostility towards the latter. This included their earlier interaction, where he barely exchanged a few words with Emrys.

He felt that, compared to Myles, Emrys was simply far behind.

Therefore, when Maximus heard Andreas announce his intention to compete with Emrys earlier, he watched with a sense of gloating, eager to see Emrys falter.

However, things had changed.

Emrys‘ actions had firmly established his image in Maximus‘ heart. In an instant, Emrys seemed to tower over even the highest mountains.

The identity of a martial artist alone was far more impressive than any students who returned to their home country after studying abroad or top students with double master’s degrees or other impressive achievements. Therefore, Maximus wisely changed his stance, becoming a devoted fan of Emrys.

Maximus‘ eyes were radiating with admiration, yet upon seeing Cordelia, he noticed that her face didn’t show much surprise. “Delia, why aren’t you surprised at all?” Cordelia looked deeply into Emrys‘ eyes and said, “Actually, I had guessed it a long time ago.” Emrys had also suspected that Cordelia might have figured it out.

At that point, Cordelia spoke again. “However, I only guessed half of it. The other half, I learned from Yelena…” She paused for a moment, a hint of playful mischief surfacing in her beautiful eyes. Fixing her gaze on Emrys, she said, “Don’t think I’m unaware. Those two nights when you were lecturing at Jazona University, Yelena was with you.” Emrys broke out in a cold sweat.

In that case, it seemed that Cordelia had come to know about his status as a cultivator.

Indeed, that was the case.

After enduring a rigorous interrogation by Cordelia, Yelena confessed everything she knew, which included the fact that Emrys was a cultivator.

Upon learning that news, Cordelia was also profoundly shocked.

She had speculated long ago that Emrys might be a martial artist, but she never imagined that he was also a cultivator.

It was truly hard to believe for her.

Emrys said, “Delia, do you remember the first day we met and the things I told you? Now you know I wasn’t lying to you, right?” / 1/2 23:17 Mon, 29 Jan Truth On the first day, when Emrys recognized Cordelia, he told her that he had spent years practicing with an old friar on a mountain. However, Cordelia didn’t believe him and even accused him of telling a fantasy tale.

“Isn’t it all because of you?” Cordelia said in a melancholic tone. “One moment you claim to have spent fifteen years in the mountains, the next you declare yourself to be the Empyrean Lord. Which of your words am I supposed to believe?” Emrys left when he was five years old, and at that moment, he was in his early twenties. If she were to believe his story of spending fifteen years in the mountains, where would he find the time to venture to the border battlefield and earn the title of Empyrean Lord?

It simply didn’t make sense in terms of time.

Of course, Cordelia didn’t believe it.

The main reason was that, initially, Emrys didn’t think it was necessary to mention the events of the five–year border war, so he simply omitted those five years. Unexpectedly, that led to Cordelia’s misunderstanding that continued to that day.

Looking at Cordelia’s resentful gaze, Emrys let out a bitter laugh and said, “So, am I to blame, then?” “Of course, it’s your fault, Rys. Remember this truth: a beautiful woman will never admit she’s wrong,” Cordelia said, lifting her snow–white chin.

“Not admitting mistakes doesn’t mean one doesn’t make them…” Seeing Cordelia’s jade–like fingers about to pinch his ear, Emrys quickly stopped her, changing his words. “Delia, if I were to tell you now that I truly am the Empyrean Lord, would you believe me?” Cordelia locked eyes with Emrys. After a brief pause, she blinked and responded with a meaningful question, “Do you honestly expect me to believe that?” “I truly do!” Maximus interjected eagerly from the sidelines.

Emrys‘ expression turned grim, and he swiftly smacked the back of Maximus‘ head. “What good is your belief if you’re nothing but a cowardly fence–sitter?”

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