Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 283

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 283-Maximus Youngblood Drawing a clear line between himself and the Black Dragon Association, Emrys had never considered getting too involved with them. He had even warned Erwin not to have any illusions about making him an accomplice.

Initially, he accepted the Black Dragon Token because he thought it would save him from a lot of trouble. However, upon reflection, he realized it was inappropriate. Holding a token that represented the underground forces, even if he had no intention of colluding with them, others would perceive it differently.

For example, just a moment ago, after revealing the token, Jace and his group immediately treated him as their boss. Emrys feared that as the news spread,

everyone would believe he had truly become the new boss of the Black Dragon Association. This would be complete nonsense.

That was also the reason why Emrys felt suddenly uncomfortable when he saw Jace and others kneeling before him just a moment ago. I represent the epitome of perfect morality, symbolizing the fine youth of the new era. How could I let such underground forces corrupt my purity?

Therefore, Emrys made a firm decision. After dealing with the matters of that evening, he would return the Black Dragon Token to Erwin.

It seemed that Jace had already guessed Emrys‘ thoughts, and he muttered under his breath, “When you dealt with David and his companion earlier, your ruthlessness was not much less than our boss!” His behavior can be described as having bad intentions but still wanting a good reputation.

Jace spoke softly, thinking Emrys wouldn’t hear him. Yet, unexpectedly, Emrys‘ voice came from ten meters away. “What I’m doing is clearly punishing evil with evil. How can it be considered ruthless?” Jace’s face was filled with astonishment. I muttered so softly, yet you heard me from ten meters away? Boss, are you omniscient?

As for Laila’s situation, there was only so much Emrys could do. Jacqueline’s capabilities made the remaining tasks of reassurance and her father’s surgical fees not at all difficult.

Regarding Jacqueline’s cultivation, she had put in her heart and soul.

Unfortunately, her talent was not as good as Yelena’s. Coupled with the delay caused by the incident with Laila, she still hadn’t managed to condense her life energy at that point.

However, Emrys was not in a hurry.

Several days later, at the Youngblood residence, Cordelia mysteriously led Emrys into the living room, saying, “Come, come, Rys. Let me introduce you to someone.” Upon entering, he took a look.

Sitting on the couch was a young man, slightly older than Emrys, likely no more than nineteen or just shy of twenty. The young man was strikingly handsome, bearing a certain resemblance to Cordelia in his features.

With just one glance, Emrys had already deduced his identity. He was none other than Cordelia’s younger brother, sharing a blood relation.

Maximus Youngblood As expected, Cordelia said. “Rys, let me introduce you. This is my younger brother, Maximus Youngblood, who specifically rushed back from Jipsdale University a few days ago to reunite with me. Maximus, this is Rys, also my younger brother. However, he is slightly older than you, so you should call him ‘Mr. Lund‘ to show respect.” “Delia, you’re not joking, are you?” First, Maximus looked at Cordelia in surprise, then shifted his gaze to Emrys, his face full of hostility as he said, “I don’t even know him. Why should I be respectful toward him?” Having an extra sister is still tolerable. After all, we are related by blood. But what’s the deal with this guy named Emrys? Does he even deserve my respect?

Immediately, Maximus felt indignant.

Cordelia furrowed her brows slightly, but then she heard Emrys say, “Indeed, we are not acquaint and have never crossed paths, but feel free to call me Rys, as I am your brother–in–law.” He intentionally raised his voice.

“Brother–in–law?” Maximus’s eyes widened in surprise.

Emrys chuckled. “Precisely. How perceptive. Consider me your brother–in–law and treat me with respect, and if I am pleased, I may bestow upon you a generous monetary gift.” Maximus was immediately puzzled. Is there something amiss with this individual? Did he not detect the skeptical tone when I referred to him as ‘brother–in–law‘? How did it suddenly transform into a term of address for him?

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