Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 281

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 281-Black Dragon Token “Why are you unwillin to do so?” Emrys glanced at Jace with indifference.

Jace furrowed his brows and remained silent for a while before finally saying, “I apologize, Mr. Lund, but I’m afraid I cannot comply with that.” Zeke had only instructed them to avoid Emrys, not to obey his orders.

Therefore, Jace had no intention of getting involved in the matter. After saying that, he turned around to leave.

But at that precise moment, Emrys sighed and lamented, “Well, Mr. Montelongo claimed that this Black Dragon Token is very useful, but I find it rather ordinary.

It’s nothing more than a piece of scrap metal. I might as well discard it.”

As he spoke, he casually tossed the item in his hand away.


A metallic token fell on the ground, making a crisp sound as it collided with the floor.

Jace looked down.

His eyes abruptly widened, for it was none other than the Black Dragon Token.

It was a token representing the highest authority of the Black Dragon Association, and the person with the token was to be treated like Erwin himself.

Jace never imagined that Erwin would actually hand the Black Dragon Token to Emrys. That was no different from handing over the Black Dragon Association to him.

“Jace Juarez, the faction leader of the Black Leopard Faction, at your service, Mr. Lund!” Jace quickly picked up the token, knelt before Emrys, and presented it to him with both hands.

Behind him, the members of the Black Leopard Faction all fell to their knees in unison as well.

Upon witnessing that, Emrys frowned slightly, feeling a hint of discomfort deep within.

He didn’t reach out to take the token. Instead, he said, “Hold onto it for now, and we shall see after I’ve resolved the matter today.” Although Jace was puzzled, he didn’t ask any further questions.

At that point, David was already terrified.

The moment he saw the Black Dragon Token, he knew he was doomed. He hurriedly crawled to Emrys‘ feet and begged, “Mr. Lund, you’re my master. I was blind and ignorant in the past. Please spare me this once. I will work extremely hard for you in the future.” Slap!

Emrys sent him flying with a slap, saying, “Are you insulting me by calling me your master? If I had a 1/3 20% OFF A бо < 0 disciple like you, I might as well end my own life.” “Mr. Lund, may I know what exactly David did to offend you?” Jace asked cautiously.

That was also a mystery to David.

Could it be because of that incident with the Beautiful Reporter?

A long time had already passed since that incident, and Emrys would never possibly have waited until that day to settle the score. Moreover, it was David who had his head cracked that day. If anyone should be seeking revenge, it would be David, not the other way around.

Therefore, the beating David received that day was utterly baffling.

Mainly, Emrys didn’t explain his reason upon entering and just started trashing the place. When David saw the man, he likewise couldn’t be bothered to ask. All he thought about was waiting for Jace to arrive and kill Emrys. The reason simply didn’t matter.

However, the turn of events was beyond David’s expectations.

Not only did Jace refuse to help him, but he also sided with Emrys. Even more terrifying was the fact that Emrys produced the Black Dragon Token.

David knew he was done for.

But even in death, he wanted to at least understand what he did to deserve it.

His attitude had already changed. He was then desperately eager to know why Emrys came to the club that day.

With an icy cold gaze, Emrys said, “You should be asking that question to that loser, not me.” Jace immediately turned to David and barked, “David, are you not aware of what you did wrong to offend Mr. Lund?” David’s face fell.

He had committed numerous misdeeds in the past, but he had no idea which one had offended Emrys.

The only incident that seemed to be related to Emrys was the time he had criticized Emrys when he coincidentally ran into him walking with the beautiful reporter.

Therefore, David ventured, “Could it be that… I shouldn’t have intentionally caused trouble… during that encounter with the Beautiful Reporter?” “Injure one of his fingers,” Emrys commanded in a chilling tone.

It was quite evident that David had guessed incorrectly.

At that moment, Jace had become completely subservient to Emrys. Whatever the man said was a command to him. Without hesitation, he stepped forward and pressed David’s hand down, saying, “David, don’t think that I have forgotten our past friendship. It’s just that you have crossed the wrong person. The only thing I can do for you now is to make the cut swiftly to minimize your pain.

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