Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 274

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 274-The Peculiar Technique Yelena noticed that her bite had drawn blood.

However, Emrys remained silent, holding her tightly.

“Rys… I… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… Your arm must be hurting a lot!” Was Yelena really going to cut ties with Emrys?

Of course not.

She was just too angry in that moment. Even if Emrys hadn’t stopped her and let her leave, she would have shamelessly returned to see Emrys after a few days.

That’s just how Yelena was.

“Rys, let go of me. I’m not mad at you anymore.” Seeing that her bite had drawn blood from Emrys‘ arm, Yelena’s heart instantly softened and her face filled with distress.

Only then did Emrys release his grip on her.

Yelena turned around, gripping Emrys‘ bitten arm. With a mix of distress and reproach in her voice, she said, “You knew it was painful, so why didn’t you make a sound? If you had, I wouldn’t have bitten so hard.” Emrys tenderly looked at Yelena’s enchanting face, which was inches away, and smiled. “Since I was the one who upset you, I won’t complain even if it hurts.” A warm surge welled up in Yelena’s heart, her eyes slightly moist. She gently glared at Emrys and said, “You’re such a fool…” At that moment, Jacqueline brought a gauze and handed it to Yelena.

Originally, Emrys wanted to say that such a minor injury didn’t need bandaging, but he was afraid of upsetting Yelena again. So, he simply let her carefully bandage it for him.

After his hand was bandaged, Emrys said, “Lena, to make up for my previous mistake, I will assist you in your cultivation every day from now on. Your life energy will be replenished quickly.” Rolling her eyes, Yelena retorted, “I couldn’t care less. Who knows if you’ll suddenly steal my life energy again.” “I swear, until you can condense your life energy in an instant, I absolutely won’t touch a shred of it.” “You were really cruel.” “Says the one who was biting me just now…” “What did you say?” 1/2 23:56 Sun, 28 Jan Chapter 274 The Peculiar Technique “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Whatever you say goes, Lena!” Emrys immediately cowered, only to see Yelena lift her chin in triumph, saying snugly, “Imph, good that you know. Be sensible in the future. If you dare to upset me again, I’ll cut off your… you know.” Watching the siblings, Jacqueline, who was standing on the side, felt that her presence was getting in the way.

In the end, I became the third wheel, didn’t I?

Emrys proceeded to provide a detailed explanation to Yelena about the issue with the martial arts technique.

After learning the truth, Yelena fell silent for a long while before saying, “Rys, after hearing your explanation, I suddenly feel that this martial arts technique is very peculiar, unlike any legitimate technique.” Taking away others‘ life energy at will was extremely powerful.

Emrys nodded and said, “I know. That’s why there are still many areas I need to explore.” He suddenly turned to Jacqueline, asking, “Pretty Jacqueline, do you have any interest in cultivation?” “Huh?” Upon hearing these words, a slight tremor passed through Jacqueline’s heart.

Immediately, her eyes sparkled as she responded, “Of course I do.” In front of Emrys, she had always been very submissive.

If I could become a cultivator, I would at least be somewhat closer to Emrys.

Yelena, however, felt a bit annoyed as she remarked, “Well, well, Emrys, when I first asked you to teach me cultivation, you had all sorts of excuses. And now, in front of Ms. Balford, you suddenly become so accommodating?” “No, Lena. I just wanted to test something. I wanted to see if this situation only happens with you or if it’s the same for everyone else. Jacqueline, I hope you don’t mind me saying this.” “No… I don’t mind,” Jacqueline replied, shaking her head. She didn’t care about Emrys‘ reasons. All she wanted was to get closer to Emrys.

On Thursday evening, Emrys entered the classroom with a T–shaped layout. He couldn’t help but be shocked by the sight that awaited him.

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