Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 269

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 269-Keeping An Eye On Emrys In her previous life, Lena must have been a sly fox!

Despite his thoughts, Emrys still didn’t release Yelena. With unwavering determination, he pressed her against the wall, saying, “No, I can’t let you go.

Given your nature, you’ll definitely cause trouble again.” “Hehe, Rys, you’re really getting to know me more and more. However, if you don’t let go soon, I might just nibble on your ear!” Yelena pretended to bite towards Emrys‘ ear. Her red lips hadn’t even touched him yet, but the sweet fragrance of her breath was already making Emrys

unbearably ticklish. He had no choice but to release Yelena. As expected, the very next second, Yelena landed a gentle punch on him.

Emrys stepped back to avoid it.

“Don’t run. Let me give you a good beating first,” Yelena said, swinging her fists.

Emrys spoke without hesitation. “I’m not a masochist. I won’t let you have your way. If you have the guts, try catching up with me instead.” “Hey, how dare you provoke me!” Neither of them used any real force, it was purely playful like siblings. They moved from the balcony to the living room, from the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and finally, they returned from the bathroom back to the living room.

In the end, Yelena managed to pin Emrys down on the sofa, grinding her teeth with a smirk. “Hmph, I’ve caught you at last. Let’s see where you can run to now!” Slap! Slap! Slap!

Emrys said helplessly, “Lena, can’t you see? I’was deliberately going easy on you.” “So what? After all, I’ve got you now.” Faced with such a mischievous sister, what else could Emrys do? He had no choice but to let her have her way, lying on the couch without showing any signs of resistance.

Soon, Yelena expressed her boredom, saying, “It’s no fun. It’s no fun at all if you don’t resist.” Yelena regained her composure, her long, fair legs casually crossed as she leaned against the couch with an air of authority.

Only then did Emrys rise from the couch and ask, “Lena, why did you come here for no reason? Haven’t I told you that I would be giving lectures at Jazona University two days a week and might not come home in the evening?” “Have you started to resent me?” With a vengeful glance, Yelena startled Emrys, his face dramatically changing color. He thought she was about to play some sort of trick on him again.

Fortunately, Yelena didn’t continue to tease him.

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Instead, she said, “I’m obviously here on Delia’s orders to keep an eye on you, to see who dares to seduce our little brother.” Emrys‘ face darkened as he said, “Is that how you talk about your own brother?

But Lena, you shouldn’t use Delia as an excuse for everything. I suspect you’ve sneaked over here yourself, haven’t you?” Delia sent you here to keep an eye on me? You’re the one she trusts the least.

“Hehe, you’ve seen through me, haven’t you? Alright, I admit, I did sneak over here. I was hoping you could assist me in my cultivation, would that be alright?” Suddenly, Yelena clung onto Emrys‘ arm, her captivating fox–like eyes twinkling as she spoke.

“Your flirtation won’t work on me, get away from me!” Emrys ruthlessly pushed her away.

How could she have the audacity to ask me to assist in her cultivation again?

The consequences of the previous two occasions were so severe that we almost became intimate by accident. If I hadn’t regained my sanity at the last moment, a major catastrophe would have undoubtedly occurred. As the saying goes, one is bound to succumb to repeated temptation.

Although Emrys‘ will was strong, capable of resisting temptation once or twice, or even four or five times, he feared that he would lose control just once.

Don’t you have any idea about your own looks and figure?

“Rys, you are truly heartless. Don’t you just want me to grovel? Watch, I’ll grovel for you right now.” After speaking softly, Yelena kicked off her shoes. True to her word, she began to crawl on the couch, revealing a remarkably curvaceous figure.

The couch was of high quality, stretching nearly four to five meters in length. Its material was incredibly soft, likely imported genuine leather from abroad.

Directly across from it was a large–screen television, making lounging on the couch while watching TV an incredibly enjoyable experience. If one were tired in the evening, they could even sleep directly on the sofa. Its comfort level was comparable to a Simmons mattress… Well, Emrys had to admit that Yelena’s breasts were indeed well–rounded and perky.

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