Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 267

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 267-Winning The Race Hoping that Sebastian would restrain his playful nature and sincerely assist his father in managing the family business, Jacqueline also wished for Emrys to visit the Balford residence the following day to propose.

After contemplating this dilemma, the latter desire prevailed, “Sebastian, if you lose, don’t blame me for severing our sibling ties!” Jacqueline couldn’t control her emotions as she shouted in the direction where the two had ridden off, even though she knew that more than ten minutes had passed since the race began and Sebastian definitely couldn’t hear her.

Just a moment after Jacqueline finished shouting, a hearty laughter suddenly echoed from ahead. “Hehe, Pretty Jacqueline, what did you just say? You want to sever your ties as siblings with Sebastian?” “Um…” Jacqueline was immediately overwhelmed with despair when she saw who it was.

The first person to return was Emrys.

Sebastian had lost.

Wait, how did Emrys return so quickly?

Although Jacqueline had ridden on Entrys‘ bicycle before, he had never demonstrated his speed. Therefore, she only knew that Emrys rode steadily but was unaware of his swiftness.

Wait a moment… Could it be that he was left behind by Sebastian halfway through and, realizing he couldn’t win, chose to give up and return? That’s right!

That must be it! Because any rational person would find it hard to believe that a bicycle could cover such a vast circular distance in such a short time. Setting aside the fact that he’s riding a bicycle, even a professional race car driver might not be able to accomplish this, right?

Although Jacqueline knew that Emrys was a cultivator, she was unaware that the bicycle was a magical item. Had she known, she wouldn’t have been so surprised.

“Emrys, I understand your feelings now.” Suddenly, Jacqueline stepped forward, tiptoeing to plant a k*ss on Emrys‘ lips.

Her pretty face flushed red, seemingly offering herself to him.

She assumed that Emrys, knowing he would lose, still agreed to compete with Sebastian. This indicated his true intention, which was to propose at the Balford residence the next day. However, the latter simply found it too embarrassing to express this outright, If Emrys could read her mind, he would surely tell her that she was very imaginative.

Mmm… Moreover, her lips carried á hint of a unique, delightful fragrance that Emrys savored.

1/2 Sun, 28 Chapter 267 Winning The Race When Jacqueline saw Emrys lick his lips, she became even more determined.

She was eager to go upstairs with Emrys to prepare for her next move, so she took out her phone and called Sebastian, ready to tell him not to bother coming back, but to ride his Yamaha RSZ straight to the Balford residence.

However, who would have known that after dialing Sebastian’s number, a distressed voice was suddenly heard from the other end. It said, “Jacqueline, Dr.

Lund is not human. He’s not riding a bicycle at all but a rocket!” “What?” Jacqueline was taken aback for a moment. “Do you mean that Emrys won?” Sebastian gave a bitter smile and said, “I didn’t even catch a glimpse of his tail.” Jacqueline was rendered speechless.

This sure is awkward!

Jacqueline finally came to her senses, realizing that she had just performed a monologue in her mind and had even presumptuously k*ssed Emrys.

Fortunately, Emrys did not expose her.

However, Jacqueline was well aware of Emrys‘ personality. He loved to tease people. She suspected that he didn’t expose her because he was waiting for Sebastian to return, so he could have a good laugh at her expense.

At this moment, Jacqueline’s emotions were incredibly complex.

Suddenly, a burst of static came through the phone.

Unable to contain her curiosity, Jacqueline asked, “Sebastian, what’s going on over there? Why is it so noisy?” “Jacqueline, it seems luck is not on my side today. I had an encounter with a traffic cop who pulled me over, accusing me of speeding and creating noise pollution. Right as I came to a stop, I received your call. I’ll have to end our conversation abruptly, as I need to pay the fine immediately.” What else could Jacqueline do? She had no option but to end the call, silently sympathizing with Sebastian.

“Sebastian got caught by the traffic police,” Jacqueline said, struggling to find the right words.

“I’m aware. The officer initially intended to catch me.”

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