Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 262

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 262-Same Treatment For Different Discases “In contrast, there’s another concept known as ‘same treatment for different diseases‘. It means that different diseases can be treated with the same medicine, as long as the symptoms are the same.” Everyone had a vague understanding.

To help them better understand, Emrys selected two more students to come up, including Cecilia, the girl with freckles, and another girl with acne on her face.

Emrys looked at the freckles on Cecilia’s face and asked, “You’ve had these freckles for a while, haven’t you?”

Cecilia nodded. “Yeah, they appeared when I was in twelfth grade, and they still haven’t gone away!” “Do you often stay up late?” Cecilia stuck out her tongue and said, “Heh, sleep is for the weak!” “You seem quite proud of yourself!” Emrys lightly tapped her head, explaining, “Freckles can be either congenital or acquired. Your freckles are purely due to staying up too late, which has disrupted your b*dy’s metabolic functions. They are acquired.” As he spoke, he took out a bottle of medicinal powder.

“This is a traditional medicine powder that I’ve developed myself. It can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, as well as detoxify and treat sores.

Give it a try by applying it.” “Sure.” Cecilia wasn’t a pretentious girl. She immediately returned to her seat, took out a small mirror, and applied the traditional medicinal powder to her face.

Emrys then looked at the girl with acne and had her apply the powder to her face as well.

After a while, Emrys asked, “How do you feel now?” Cecilia said, “My face feels a bit hot and numb.” The other girl nodded in agreement.

“This indicates that the treatment with traditional medicinal powder was effective.” 4 Emrys explained, “One of you has freckles, the other has acne. These are two different conditions, but they share a common cause staying up late has disrupted your metabolic functions. Therefore, applying the same medicinal powder will have a beneficial effect on both of you. This is what we call ‘same treatment for different diseases” After witnessing these two vivid examples, the students instantly gained a more intuitive understanding of the concept of “same treatment for different diseases.” Chapter 202 Game Treatment For Different Diseases It seemed that traditional medicine was quite interesting!

After Emrys finished his explanation, he removed the acupuncture needles from the heads of the three students. He asked them about their experience, and all three expressed that they felt much lighter in the head.

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