Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 255

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 255-Quite Mischievous Emrys was slightly surprised. “Why would you ask such a question, Ms.

Ginger?” “Answer me. Are you or are you not?” Lydia didn’t provide any reasons.

Instead, she looked at Emrys with anticipation, hoping to find answers in his expressions. However, Emrys shook his head and said, “No.” No? How can that be? If Emrys isn’t a martial artist, why did Stefan bring it up?

Lydia couldn’t believe it.

She thought Emrys was deceiving her.

Little did she know that what Emrys had said was the truth. He was indeed not a martial artist but a cultivator. These two identities were not part of the same system at all.

Emrys was about to reveal the truth to Lydia, but she suddenly pointed to the river flowing under the bridge and said, “Look. The flow of this river is so turbulent and fierce. If an ordinary person were to fall in, they would probably disappear without a trace in an’instant, right?” Saying that, she leaped off the bridge.

Emrys was instantly bewildered and stunned.

In reality, Lydia was ninety percent confident that Emrys was a martial artist because the various incidents surrounding him were simply too extraordinary.

He was Dr. Lund of Jadeborough, as well as Emerentius.

There was also the time he remained composed even when facing Erwin.

Not to mention, Lydia wondered why someone like Roger, who was highly conscious of his status, would be so warm towards Emrys, even arguing with her because of Emrys‘ relationship problems.

In addition to the peculiar conversation she had with Stefan earlier, even if Lydia was slow–witted, she could still sense that there was a major problem.

When Lydia saw Emrys denying, she assumed that he didn’t want to reveal his identity, so she resorted to such a risky tactic to force him to admit he was a martial artist. However, what she didn’t know was that her method was incredibly foolish.

“Ms. Ginger, aren’t you being a bit too hasty? Couldn’t you at least wait for me to finish speaking?” Emrys chuckled.

However, Lydia had already jumped, so what else could he do? Without hesitation, he leaped after her. Before Lydia hit the water, he managed to catch her. “Ms. Ginger, you really are quite mischievous.” Emrys walked on water, and as he approached the shore, he couldn’t resist playfully slapping Lydia’s backside, using the same move he had used on Yelena as a form of punishment.

Instantly, Lydia, Jazona’s most beautiful woman, widened her eyes, and immediately afterward… 1/2 Chapter 255 Oude Mischievous D She hadn’t been intimate with her husband for over a decade, so the slap almost caused a major incident When they reached the shore and Emrys set her down. Lydia pretended to stumble. She fell and sat in the shallow water, soaking her long skirt as if to hide something. This Emrys is so andacions. I’m going to be his future mother–in– law… However, it was indeed peculiar. After the effects of Emrys‘ slap had subsided, Lydia surprisingly felt a significant relaxation in her mood. The resentment that had been building up for over a decade seemed to have been swept away in that moment.

It was like an ancient, profound well, where the water symbolized resentment.

As the well water overflowed, the resentment naturally diminished significantly.

Lydia’s whole b*dy shuddered a few times.

Her face turned red.

However, she was a worldly–wise person. She quickly acted as if nothing had happened and stood up from the shallow water, saying, “I was too careless.

Even though I had already reached the shore, I still managed to stumble.” Emrys nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, you’re right. I was too careless. I should have positioned you further away from the shallow beach, Ms. Ginger.” Lydia felt a pang of guilt and quickly changed the topic, saying, “Emrys, I’m aware that you are a martial artist, not to mention a formidable grandmaster of Manifestation. Honestly. I’m truly amazed.” The act that Emrys had just performed, walking on water, could only be achieved by a Manifestation grandmaster who could project their internal energy outward.

Therefore, Lydia had already confirmed Emrys‘ identity as a martial artist.

After pondering for a moment, Emrys said, “If you say so, then it must be true, Ms. Ginger!” Observing his demeanor, Lydia thought she had upset Emrys by exposing his identity. So, she apologized, “Emrys, I sincerely apologize for using such a method to compel you to reveal your identity. It’s just that this matter is too important to me.”

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