Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 253

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 253-The Insignificant List Ever since Larissa became the chief of the Central Chanacan Martial Arts Alliance, she had been extremely busy and could only spend a few days at home whenever she returned.

Wouldn’t it be better to live carefree?

In simpler terms, if one could enjoy the privileges of being an official even when they are not one, why would they want to take on an official position and restrict themselves? Wouldn’t that be like shouldering unnecessary burdens?

Unless, of course, one had a strong sense of justice ingrained in them.

The Chanaea Grandmaster List was like an honor bestowed upon the Manifestor grandmasters. It allowed them to enjoy special privileges without the responsibility of maintaining order in the martial arts field.

The most important point was that the Martial Arts Alliance would usually turn a blind eye to the actions of the grandmasters who had ascended the Chanaeà Grandmaster List, as long as they didn’t do anything too outrageous.

Therefore, those Manifestor grandmasters were not obligated to serve in the Martial Arts Alliance. However, most of them chose to challenge the Chanaea Grandmaster List.

Stefan was certain that Emrys was not on the Chanaea Grandmaster List. He had confirmed this. multiple times.

That day, he finally gathered the courage to ask. However, he still felt uneasy in his heart.

Emrys simply shook his head and said, “It’s just a meaningless list, so what difference does it make whether I’m on it or not?” To Emrys, the list that the martial arts field regarded as an honor was truly insignificant. After all, university students would never compete with elementary school students for better results, as it would only lower their level.

That was Emrys‘ genuine thought. However, to Stefan and the others, it felt like a blow to the head. Meaningless list? Doesn’t that imply that everyone on this list is worthless? Dr. Lund is truly audacious! With just one sentence, he managed to offend all the Manifestor grandmasters. If they were to hear this, wouldn’t they seek him out for a fight?

Emrys glanced at Damarion, who stood behind Stefan. With an apologetic look, he said, “I’m sorry. I tend to speak bluntly. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t let it show on your face. Otherwise, I might think you’re challenging me and want to pick a fight with me.” Damarion remained silent. I haven’t even reached the Manifestor stage. His words truly hurt me. Is the peak I’ve pursued all my life really insignificant to him? Does he have to be so cruel?

Stefan composed himself and tentatively asked, “Dr. Lund, what do you think of the Eight–finger Grandmaster, Travis Houghton?” Travis, also known as the Eight–finger Grandmaster, was a Manifestor grandmaster who had not yet 1/2 23:50 Sun, 28 Jan Chapter 253 The Insignificant List reached forty years old. He was ranked thirty–eighth on the Chamaea Grandmaster List A few days ago, Stefan was having a conversation with Lydia, and Emrys happened to overlie the name. Based on their demeanor and tone at the time, it seemed like this person was quite impressive.

However, Emrys shook his head and said, “I’ve never met him in person, but if he’s as you des ribe, reaching the Manifestor level at nearly forty, his talent indeed leaves much to be desired” lead is only in her twenties, and she’s already a Manifestor. In comparison, isn’t that Travis just weak?

Emrys was simply being honest.

However, Stefan found himself unable to continue the conversation.

The same went for Damarion, who couldn’t bear to look at Emrys, as he was truly hurting his pride Just as Richard and Lydia arrived, Stefan and Emrys‘ conversation came to an end. Stelan was concerned that if they continued talking, Damarion, the martial artist by his side, would lose all motivation to break through to a Manifestor.

Damarion wondered if the worth of a martial artist had truly diminished so much.

Emrys paid no attention to his feelings. If a martial artist’s mindset could crumble so easily, they might as well change careers and become manual laborers.

After assisting Richard with his acupuncture session, Emrys left Apricot Hall.

Stefan still remained.

He had already picked up on some hints. The relationship between the couple and Emrys seemed far from simple. Otherwise, how could they receive such exceptional treatment, including Emrys personally attending Richard’s acupuncture session?

Stefan found Lydia alone and inquired, “Lydia, are you very close to Dr. Lund?” “Of course. Emrys is my future son–in–law, so naturally, we have a good relationship,” Lydia responded.

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