Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 250

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 250-Seduction After taking a bath, Jacqueline donned a thin, spaghetti–strap nightgown. Her figure was stunning and coupled with her height of one point seven meters, her long, fair, and delicate legs were a sight to behold. Fresh from the bathroom, a faint mist still clung to her smooth, white legs.

The faint view of it was extremely seductive.

Emrys could certainly say that it was a feast for his eyes.

Jacqueline was heard saying, “Dad, are we being too despicable by doing this?

What if Emrys wakes up, realizes that we’ve been scheming against him, and becomes upset?”

“What scheme are you talking about? Dr. Lund clearly got drunk and stumbled into your room all by himself,” Roger corrected her.

Immediately, Jacqueline fell silent.

After a bit of fussing around, the father and daughter finally managed to get Emrys into the room.

Even without looking, Emrys knew that this was definitely Jacqueline’s room. As soon as he entered, he was greeted by a refreshing, feminine fragrance that was absolutely captivating.

With a chuckle, Roger said, “Well, my dear daughter, it’s all up to you now.” After he finished speaking, he left the room, firmly shutting the door behind him.

He had the look of someone up to no good.

Emrys lay on the bed with his eyes closed, sneering to himself, “Let’s see what you’ll do now, Jacqueline.” A minute passed, with no sign of activity.

Two minutes then passed, yet there was still no sign of activity.

Three minutes passed… Emrys was getting anxious. “Would you hurry up and get started? Don’t you realize how torturous this is for me?” Another minute passed once again.

Emrys wanted to sneak a peek by opening his eyes just a little. It was then that he finally heard Jacqueline say, “Emrys, I really don’t want to resort to this to win you over. But the girls around you are all so outstanding, I’m afraid…” If you’re afraid, hurry up and undress!

Emrys was so frustrated that he could hardly resist the urge to rip off Jacqueline’s clothes.

It was truly exasperating for him.

At last, Emrys heard a rustling sound. He stealthily opened his eyes a little, only to see Jacqueline with her back toward him, her nightgown already removed.

Her hair, dark as night, cascaded over her fragrant shoulders. Her back was slender, her skin smooth and delicate. Below her willowy waist, lay the curve of her hips… Emrys swallowed, readying himself. When Jacqueline was about to put him inside her, he prepared to leap up and confront her.

However, Jacqueline didn’t do it surprisingly.

After removing her nightgown, she hesitated for a moment, then put it back on.

She whispered into Emrys‘ ear, “What I want is to first become your girlfriend, and then for us to naturally progress to this point instead of using such means to force you to take responsibility.” After speaking, she nestled into Emrys‘ arms and fell asleep.

Emrys couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. This girl was truly kind–hearted!

The night passed without anything happening.

The next day, the look in Roger’s eyes when he gazed at Emrys had changed, becoming incredibly shifty.

In his view, his daughter must have already slept with Emrys because no man could resist temptation under those circumstances.

However, Jacqueline informed him that Emrys had been too drunk the previous night and was utterly incapable of doing so, so nothing had happened at all.

In other words, it just wouldn’t go in.

Of course, this was just Jacqueline’s excuse. After hearing it, Roger exclaimed in regret. He could have used this opportunity to flaunt his achievements to Lydia, but it seemed he had to hold back for now.

Roger, worried about his daughter’s disappointment, comforted her, saying, “It’s alright. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future. Fortunately, I have a backup plan. I’ve rented a unit for Dr. Lund in Lommore Condominium. You’ll be living next door, so there will be plenty of chances.” Jacqueline silently nodded in agreement.

It was Sunday, two days before Emrys‘ first class. He decided to ride his bicycle back to Jadeborough for a quick visit. Little did he know, upon his return, he would be caught by Yelena.

Her nose was as keen as a dog’s. She caught hold of Emrys and demanded, “Why didn’t you come back last night?” Emrys said with a hint of unease, “I dropped off Nina at the airport. After that, I strolled around the city for a bit. Suddenly, I felt tired, so I found a place to rest for a while.”

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