Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 246

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 246-Realistic Acting Therefore, Zeke quickly returned to discuss that matter with his father, Erwin.

Upon hearing that, Erwin also felt that it was an opportunity.

He had long wanted to be Emrys‘ lapdog.

After going through a great deal of trouble to obtain Emrys‘ contact information, he made a call. “Mr. Lund, it’s me, Wino.” When talking to Emrys, Erwin didn’t dare to call himself Mr. Montelongo. He could only modestly refer to himself as Wino.

“Mr. Montelongo?” Emrys was taken aback for a moment, then asked in a peculiar tone, “How did you get my number?” “I obtained this information from Leiandros. I hope you don’t find it offensive that I’ve called you so abruptly, Mr. Lund,” said Erwin respectfully.

“Cut to the chase!” “Mr. Lund, here’s the thing. I inadvertently discovered something today. There’s this foolish guy actually dared to approach your woman.” who “My woman?” Emrys was puzzled. Could it be that some men are troubling my sisters again? That shouldn’t be the case. Hadn’t I already chased them all away?

Upon sensing Emrys‘ confusion, Erwin figured Emrys had too many women and didn’t know which one he was referring to. So, he immediately clarified, “It’s the prominent young lady from the Balford family, Jacqueline.” “Jacqueline?” Emrys cast a peculiar glance at the girl next to him, instantly understanding what was going on. Suddenly, he feigned anger and exclaimed, “Who? Which fool dares to covet my woman?” “I heard he’s a new teacher at Jazona University.” “He must have nerves of steel. It’s a pity I’m not in Summerbank. You should hurry over and give that kid a good beating. Let him know just how formidable I am.” “All right! Mr. Lund, rest assured. I’ll definitely handle this matter to your satisfaction.” Erwin ended the call with a beaming smile. Haha! This is indeed a great opportunity to show my sincerity to Mr. Lund. I must personally go and teach that insolent fool a lesson to prove my worth!

Erwin was beyond excited, ready to take matters into his own hands.

Naturally, the one in charge of leading the way was Dwayne.

At first, when Dwayne relayed the news to Zeke and saw Zeke didn’t show much reaction, he thought that Emrys wouldn’t be taught a lesson.

Unexpectedly, Erwin had even personally taken charge this 1/2 Chapter 246 Realistic Acting time.

Erwin was, after all, the honcho of Jazona’s underground circles and an extremely impressive martial artist!

“Hmph! Brat, don’t blame me for being sly. You only have yourself to blame for recklessly provoking such a terrifying entity. Haha, once this matter is done today, Mr. Zeke will surely regard me as a reliable informant. I’ll be living a better life in the future.” Dwayne’s mood was similar to Erwin’s. The only difference was that Dwayne wanted to impress Zeke, while Erwin wanted to impress Emrys.

The circumstances were utterly amusing.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline’s cheeks were flushed red, but there was a hint of a peculiar smile in her eyes. This future boyfriend of mine is truly intriguing. He actually allowed others to come and beat him up. How mischievous. I suppose I’ll never feel bored if I’m with someone like him, right?

When Emrys was on the phone just now, Jacqueline was standing right next to him, but she didn’t make a sound.

Of course, she heard the entire conversation loud and clear.

Particularly, Jacqueline was deeply moved when she heard Emrys saying which fool dares covet his woman. She truly hoped that Emrys was sincere.

The more she thought about it, the happier she became, her face flushing with excitement. She even started to feel her slender legs going weak.

Jacqueline naturally took hold of Emrys‘ arm, her face flushed as she said, “If we’re going to put on a play, we must make it as convincing as possible!” Emrys gave her a meaningful glance, his smile mischievous as he said, “It seems to me that you’re using the pretense of acting to make a move on me, aren’t you?” Jacqueline’s cheeks flushed even redder. She felt utterly embarrassed after Emrys exposed her intention. Just as she was about to let go of Emrys‘ arm, in the next second, she felt a warm, large hand caressing her perky rear.

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