Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 243

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 243-Visiting Jazona University Although Emrys was not part of the Martial Arts Alliance, he had the authority to pardon Owen.

After hearing that, Owen was moved to tears and said, “I’m willing to devote myself entirely to you, Empyrean Lord, even if it costs me my life!” After giving his instructions, Emrys discreetly left the Martial Arts Alliance.

Then, he went to the Balford residence.

Jacqueline happened to be at home. When she saw Emrys, she uttered joyfully, “Dr. Lund, our chancellor has agreed to let you teach. However, he mentioned

that he would like to meet you first.” Emrys nodded. “Sure. I happen to be free right now.” And so, the two of them arrived at Jazona University.

That was Emrys‘ first time entering a school. The students around him seemed to be around his age, with the oldest not exceeding two or three years older than him.

Had it not been for the great fire that year, Emrys should be of university age now.

That morning, when Emrys saw Ninette off at the airport, he mentioned to her that he was planning to teach some traditional medicine knowledge at Jazona University. Ninette, with her quirky charm, responded, “University life is great, Emrys. You should definitely experience it.” Emrys was indeed curious to see if a university student’s life was really as good as it was made out to be.

Meanwhile, Emrys and Jacqueline arrived at the chancellor’s office.

The chancellor of Jazona University was named Desmond Brewer. When he met Jacqueline, he was extremely courteous.

After all, how could he not be courteous?

Jacqueline was the daughter of the Balford family. To put it bluntly, she was a scion who came to experience life. Being a teacher was merely a hobby for Jacqueline. The day her interest faded, she could return home at any moment to inherit her fortune worth billions.

Hence, when Jacqueline proposed to initiate a traditional medicine short course in the university, Desmond approved it promptly.

Another reason was that traditional medicine was a national treasure. Desmond also believed that it was necessary for the contemporary youth to gain a deeper understanding of the traditional medical culture of Chanaea.

As for the instructor, Jacqueline said she had a recommended candidate, who was the highly popular Dr. Lund of Jadeborough recently.

Dr. Lund of Jadeborough! Upon hearing those words, Desmond also became excited.

Visiting Jazona University He had heard of Dr. Land of Jadeborough, who had renounced the world suddenly, If this eminent physician truly agrees to teach, it’ll undoubtedly be an honor for Jazona University Jacqueline introduced with a smile. “Mr. Brewer, this is Dr. Lund” “Dr. Lund…” Desmond gazed at Emrys, the look in his eyes subtly shifting.

He had heard of the renowned Dr. Lund of Jadeborough and was aware of the widespread rumors that the latter was incredibly young. However, upon seeing Emrys that day, Desmond was greatly surprised, Although Desmond was not a part of the traditional medicine community, he was well aware of its circumstances. Those renowned practitioners were undoubtedly highly skilled. Moreover, in their community, a practitioner of forty years old was considered quite young.

Initially, Desmond had assumed that Emrys was in his forties, However, Desmond was greatly astonished when he saw Emrys that day. He’s a renowned doctor at the age of twenty? Rumor has it that even the renowned practitioner Duncan Rodriguez has taken Dr. Lund of Jadeborough as his mentor. Could Dr. Lund be the young man standing in front of me?

Desmond knew that Jacqueline had no reason to deceive him, but it was still incredibly hard to believe. Coincidentally, he had been feeling unwell recently.

So, he decided to seize that opportunity to test the so–called Dr. Lund of Jadeborough to see if the latter truly lived up to his reputation.

And so, Desmond said, “Dr. Lund, actually, I’ve been feeling a bit unwell these past few days. I wonder if you could possibly examine me?” His approach was very clever. Not only did it avoid offending Emrys, but it also tested Emrys‘ abilities to see if he was capable of teaching.

After all, Desmond had to take responsibility for his own students.

Naturally, Emrys saw through Desmond’s intention, but he didn’t expose Desmond. Instead, he smiled and said, “Sure. Mr. Brewer, please lay your arm flat on the table. I’ll take your pulse first.” Desmond did as Emrys said.

Emrys placed three fingers on Desmond’s wrist–pulse area, not asking anything. After a brief moment of contemplation, he responded, “You have hyperactivity of the liver, contributing to a syndrome of phlegm–turbidity. Mr.

Brewer, you must have been feeling irritable and restless lately, with disturbed.

sleep and even headaches, particularly severe on both sides of your head. Am I correct?

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