Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped Chapter 32

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped Chapter 32

Pete had called Uncle Chester a single-celled organism before, so Cherry happily probed him for information with peace of mind.

After she learned what had happened, Cherry was dumbfounded.

Why was Pete so unfortunate? First, he was bullied by his tutors, and now, he was even being maligned! Meanwhile, her life…

Even though Mommy was always sleeping, it seemed like she had never had to suffer anyone’s unkindness since she was born.

Could someone tell her why she suddenly felt like transforming into a pitiful little girl bullied by everyone? Cough, she had digressed.

Still, it was no wonder that Mommy said big families were trouble and forbade her from telling anyone that she was Dr.Anti! Cherry hung up in a hurry and sent her brother a text message: “I’m gonna tell you a big secret, Pete!”

In the study, Pete, whose head was down, replied after seeing the message on the phone: “What is it?”

Cherry replied: “Uncle Chester said that Daddy has been looking for Anti.In that case, do you know who Anti is?”

Pete immediately understood something when he saw her message.

As expected, one second later, Cherry sent another message: “Anti is Mommy!”

Pete’s eyes widened as he stared at the message.

He suddenly remembered how Mommy had told him to head upstairs first when they were on the way back this afternoon.

After that, she had gone to treat the patient who had collapsed…

He was about to send another message to Cherry when she sent him a voice message.

It sounded like she was hiding in the bathroom and whispering.

She said, “Mommy has been saying that Daddy is trouble and she doesn’t want to treat Great-Grandma’s illness because she’s afraid that she’ll be dragged into your familial disputes.What should we do?”

Downstairs, tiny Cherry sat on the toilet bowl and rested her chin on her palm, feeling awfully troubled.

What could she do to get Mommy to treat Great-Grandma’s illness? At this moment, her cell phone vibrated.

Pete’s reply was very assuring: “That’s easy’ In the study, Nora, who was dressed in a nightgown, leaned back lazily on the chair in an awfully comfortable manner, forming a very sloppy sight.

Her pale fingers tapped lightly on the keyboard as she destroyed the surveillance cameras’ footage of the events when she was performing emergency first aid in the hotel lobby this afternoon.

She had to stay low-key.

She mustn’t let anyone especially that man upstairs find out that she was medically trained.

He had probably already become suspicious when they were in the operating room the last time.

Nora stretched.

She was about to think about the anonymous email she had received this afternoon when a new email arrived in her inbox with a ding.

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Sure enough, it turned out to be another anonymous email.

“Do something for me and I’ll send your son to your doorstep.Operate on the elderly Mrs.Hunt and cure her.’’ Nora was puzzled.

She stared at the email for a very long time as if she wanted to reach through the Internet and catch the mastermind behind the scenes.

The email was sent anonymously, so she couldn’t catch a glimpse of the sender at all.

She couldn’t even talk to them even if she wanted to.

She could only choose whether she wanted to believe it or not.

If Justin Hunt was the one that sent the email…

Then this transaction would make sense! Besides, the reason why she hadn’t wanted to do the operation initially was that she didn’t want any trouble.

However, if she could really get her son back, then a little trouble wasn’t an issue.

She would just have to sleep a little less, that was all.

After thinking through it, she stood up.

If she wanted to treat the elderly Mrs.Hunt’s illness, then she would have to go through Justin for sure.

But how was she going to let him know that her medical skills were very impressive without revealing her identity as Anti? She suddenly looked at the computer.

Was it too late for her to try restoring the camera footage? In the study upstairs.

Lawrence, whose head was down, said falteringly, “The surveillance cameras are broken, and there are signs of intrusion.Mr.Hunt, do you…have a spare moment?”

He had gotten a few hackers to fix the cameras, but they hadn’t been successful.

Thus, he wanted to ask Justin to personally attend to the matter.

A sullen Justin said, “Do you need me for something even as trivial as that?”

Lawrence lowered his head even further, feeling like he was terribly useless.

There were so many hackers in the Hunt Corporation, but even they couldn’t handle it.

He gave a sheepish smile and said, “Um…”

“I’m busy.’’Justin gave him a cold reply.

Then, he stood up and left the study.

He went over to the bedroom beside the study and stood in front of the door.

He called out, “I’m coming in, Pete.”

After being scolded by the people from the family home, Pete would undoubtedly be in a bad mood.

He had given his son some time to cool down, but he couldn’t possibly leave him alone in his room all the time.

Therefore, he intended to have a good heart-to-heart talk with his son.

Before he opened the door and entered, he looked back at Lawrence and ordered, “No visitors, no matter who it is.”

Lawrence went out dejectedly.

It was understandable that Justin would want to spend some time with Pete after those people from the family home showed up.

However, the Andersons also wanted information about the person that had saved Simon’s life.

What was he supposed to do? While hesitating, he heard a dispute at the door.

When he went out, he saw Nora standing at the entrance of the stairwell arguing with the bodyguards.

“You can’t enter without a prior appointment, Miss Smith”

Nora looked up, her cat-like eyes somewhat intimidating.

She said, “In that case, please pass a message for me. Tell them that—”

‘Anti was looking for him: She had thought it through.

If it meant that she could really find her son, then exposing her own identity was the fastest way to arrange for the surgery, lest it led to unnecessary trouble.

But before she could say what she wanted to say, a seemingly half-amused Lawrence walked over and interrupted her.

He said, “Have you thought it through and decided to come over and play with the little mister for two hours, Miss Smith?”

Nora was puzzled.

Lawrence went on and added, “Unfortunately, Mr.Hunt is currently busy and instructed a moment ago that he wasn’t having visitors: Unless Anti appeared out of thin air, there was probably no one that could solve Mr.Hunt’s pressing issues.

Nora fell silent for a moment.

Then, she said, “I’ll come back tomorrow, then.By the way, tell him that I can treat his grandmother’s illness.”

After saying that, she walked back to the stairwell and went down.

Lawrence looked at her from the back and sighed.

He said to the bodyguard beside him, “Girls nowadays are so proactive.

Look at her; in order to get close to Mr.Hunt, she can even bring herself to say something like that.

The bodyguard asked, “What if she really can treat her illness?”

“I’ve already looked her up.She’s never been in any contact with medicine since she was a child.How is she going to treat her illness?”

Nora had originally thought that Justin would come down to look for her after receiving her message.

But even until the next day, she didn’t hear from him at all.

From the looks of it, his grandmother likely wasn’t in urgent condition.

As such, Nora went to the hospital in the afternoon to do a follow-up check on her aunt.

She went straight to the VIP floor.

In the hallway, Lawrence was apologizing to someone.

He said, “I’m really sorry, Mrs.Anderson.Someone destroyed the surveillance camera footage, so we didn’t manage to find anyone.I’ll find her for you as soon as I can…”

A frowning Melissa was about to speak when she suddenly spied a familiar figure coming out of the elevator.

She rubbed her eyes and looked over again.

That figure with a lazy yet firm gait; and that face so gorgeous that it almost seemed like she was showing off it was hard for anyone to forget her once they laid eyes on her.

Who else could it be other than the woman that had saved her husband’s life? She hurriedly pushed Lawrence aside, took a few steps forward, and grabbed Nora’s hand.

“Are you working in this hospital, Miss?”

Lawrence was flabbergasted.

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