Celebrity Girl Is My Wife Chapter 23

Celebrity Girl Is My Wife Chapter 23-Luo Fei was checking her watch while everyone was distracted by Ning Ran’s beauty.

The poison in the foundation should’ve caused the skin to itch and swell in 10 minutes.

The whole make-up process would definitely take more than 10 minutes.

Plus, the foundation would’ve been the first one to be used so the poison should’ve started working before Ning Ran finished her makeup. But why was Ning Ran walking around completely fine?

Zhao Mingjie was also staring at Luo Fei nervously. Luo Fei glared back to warn Zhao Mingjie not to act weird because others would be suspicious.

The first scene was a battle between Ning Ran and Luo Fei.

Ning Ran played the role of an elder sister who lost her parents’ affection after her two younger siblings – the second sister played by Luo Fei, and the third sister played by Zhao Mingjie.

This childhood jealousy grew as the trio entered adulthood. One rainy day, while the two younger siblings were distracted, the eldest pushed them both into the lake.

As such, Ning Ran played the role of the antagonist who killed her siblings and tried to destroy their lives.

The director wanted the very first scene to be lively so he chose the scene where Ning Ran accused the youngest sibling of stealing a necklace. Ning Ran’s role was supposed to slap Zhao Mingjie’s role while Luo Fei’s role, as the protagonist, was supposed to calm the antagonist down.

The director wanted Ning Ran to act as a conflicted, bitter sister who had not completely lost her kindness yet.

Luo Fei’s task was comparatively easy as she only needed to act as an innocent, rich woman who loved her family more than money.

Zhao Mingjie’s role as the youngest sister was to be the victim of the eldest sister’s abuse.

Everything was ready.

“The Sound of Thunder. Act One. Take One. Action!”

Inside a Ming Dynasty courtyard, Zhao Mingjie was on her knees begging Ning Ran.

“Sis, I swear, I didn’t steal your necklace. It wasn’t me!”

Ning Ran slapped Zhao Mingjie in one, swift move. “Stop denying it!” “Return my necklace now or I’ll break your leg, b****!”

Although it looked harsh, the slap that landed on Zhao Mingjie’s face was very soft.

This requires true acting skills – to make it look like a real and painful slap without actually hurting anyone.

Next, Luo Fei was supposed to thug at Ning Ran’s arm and talk to her nicely so that Ning Ran would stop hitting Zhao Mingjie.

However, Luo Fei didn’t do that. She rushed over and slapped Ning Ran on the face. Hard.

Luo Fei’s slap wasn’t like Ning Ran’s slap where the slap started fast and hard but landed softly on the cheek.

Luo Fei’s slap started fast and hard, then landed faster and harder.

After the slap, Ning Ran’s face became red with a mark of five fingers.

Everyone was stunned. That was not how the scene was supposed to play out. The second sister was the main character who was sweet and would never laid a finger on anyone.

The slap shocked Ning Ran and got her confused so she called out, “Director, she’s not following the script!”

The director snapped out of it and quickly halted shooting. Then, he said, “Ms. Fei, that is not how the script goes, did you remember wrongly?”

“The original scene was terrible. Since the second sister is the main character, she must act strong to defend the youngest sibling and the rest of the family.” “That is why I changed the scene at the last minute,” said Luo Fei.

Everyone was taken aback. Changing the script at the last minute? Was that a thing?

“Ms. Fei, if you want to change the scene, you should’ve told us beforehand,” said the director who was a little upset.

You may be the star of the show, but I am the director. The way you do things is making me look bad!

“The script should not be in the way of producing a good movie. A good movie requires actors to act on their gut feelings. Is that not how the best scenes in cinema were produced? By accident?” said Luo Fei who was practically teaching the director how to do his job.

The director was furious, but he dared not piss off Luo Fei because she was Nan Chen’s girlfriend.

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