Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 766

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 766-Carl reached into his bag, pulling out a plastic bag containing a syringe. He explained, “After reviewing the surveillance footage, we discovered that David’s men were responsible.” Jameson smirked with half-closed eyes. “David is as malicious as Josh but lacks Josh’s effectiveness.

His methods are crude, always leaving behind evidence. A halfwit like him doesn’t deserve my time.” “But we can’t let this slide, can we? It would be too cowardly!” Carl gritted his teeth.

Leaning back, Jameson enjoyed some shut-eye. “Of course not. I’ll make him pay for what he did to me.

He broke my arm, so I’ll break his leg. That’s only fair, right?” Carl concurred, “Of course! You’re already showing mercy by not taking his life, all because he’s your brother!” Jameson thought, “David does not deserve to be called a brother.” He wagged his finger, stating, “If it were Lyse who got injured that day, I would have gotten rid of David Schmidt by now.” After taking a bath and applying skincare, Alyssa’s mood finally lifted.

Miley called her from the outside. “Lyse, are you asleep?” “Not yet, Miley. Come on in!” Miley entered the room. Alyssa turned around while patting some cream on her face. Miley, with her radiant skin and dressed in a light blue silk nightdress, looked dazzling.

“Wow! Here comes the prettiest first lady!” “Lyse, where did you get that golden horse from? It’s shining brighter than the lights in the courtyard. I’m nearly blinded,” Miley wondered.

“Oh. It’s Jameson’s horse,” answered Alyssa, continuing her skincare.

“Is that his horse, or did he give it to you as a gift?” “It’s his horse. He wanted to give it to me, but I refused.” “Horses are your favorite animal, and he wanted to give you a Golden Ausman Horse. It’s incredible that you’re able to resist the temptation. You seem really insistent on keeping your boundary with him,” She then mumbled to herself, “Good. I’m relieved.” Alyssa picked up on Miley’s remark and mused, “Miley, what was that? You’re relieved? But why?*

“I can tell that he likes you a lot from the way he looks at you.” Upon hearing that, Alyssa felt a headache coming in. “I know. He’s confessed his love to me. What do I do? Is there a manual somewhere, like ‘How To Quit Being Charming’ or ‘How To Stop Men From Falling for You?

“I have PTSD over relationships. If this keeps going, I might have to become a nun.” “Why? Are you hurt because of Jasper Beckett?” teased Miley.

“Nah. He can’t hurt me. He’s just an animal gone rogue. Ouch, that hurts!” Alyssa inadvertently increased her strength when she thought about Jasper, almost causing her face to swell from all the patting.

“Colene is so happy to see the horse. She’s riding it in the courtyard right now,” Miley changed the topic of the conversation with a laugh.

Alyssa shot up from the seat, eyes widening. “What? Is Colene riding it? I haven’t even gotten a chance to ride it!” “Just try it out. How could you give out millions worth of jewelry but feel reluctant to ride a horse?

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